How to Make E-Commerce Work in a Non-Viral Industry

E-commerce is big business. According to a 2016 report from the US Census Bureau, it is growing steadily in all markets – from manufacturing to retail and wholesale. In fact, e-commerce shipments represented 60.9% of all manufacturing shipments in 2014.What’s the dream of any e-commerce entrepreneur? To see their product go viral. That’s because e-commerce companies […]

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5 Tips to Help You Pass the CFA Exam

Advancing your career in the finance industry is often achieved through certifications, and one of the most difficult to achieve comes in the form of the CFA. Becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst means accessing better jobs, higher earnings, and a level of prestige many finance professionals are apt to acquire. If you’re considering sitting for […]

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Accounting Software as a Subset of Enterprise Management

Balance sheets and profit and loss statements that are generated through traditional double-entry accounting are the only way for company management to determine whether operations are profitable, but those reports have long been shrouded in little-understood processes that result from quarterly or monthly flurries of accounting department activity. Enterprise resource process (ERP) software is slowly […]

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