10 Easy Ways to Decimate Your Google Ranking

Google_RankingsSometimes knowing exactly what to avoid is just as important, if not more so, than the provisions you’re taking to maximize your web marketing. Here are 10 surefire ways to anger the most powerful search engine in the world:

  1. Unoriginal Content – Google loathes duplicated content.  Their complex filtering systems will automatically ignore content they find to be too similar to others, say for example through automated content generators or web templates.
  2. Invisible Text – Some sites include content hidden from view of actual page website visitors aimed solely at driving up those search engine rankings.  Google is on to these sneaky tactics and will discover these methods sooner than later.
  3. Over thinking It – We’ve all learned that when Google sees a keyword used more frequently, the more relevant the page must be, right? Not these days.  Google bots have been updated to evaluate the balance of the content on a given site to be sure it is actually human friendly not just Google bot friendly.
  4. Promotion of Paid Links – No one likes those webpages packed full of paid advertising links completely irrelevant to the actual website, not even Google.  If your site is running many paid links on your site this will actually work against your own Google rating as they’ve recently begun to crackdown on this practice.
  5. Guilt by Association – Integrating links to pages already banned by Google or sites containing known and obvious malware will be a surefire killer of your Google ranking.  More than likely your site will soon join the ranks of those banned.
  6. Artificial Pretense – Creating a page designed to highly rank with targeted search queries for the sole pretense of redirecting visitors to advertising sites will have the Google gods frowning on your site.  There are extenuating circumstances but largely if the redirected page isn’t relevant or create value for the Google searcher, Google will likely axe you.
  7. Redundant Anchor Texts – As anchor texts are the basis for the ability to be searched on Google, providing too similar of words or wording for this anchor text to the link will actually become a huge disservice. Google looks upon doing so as being unnatural and therefore a negative strike within their search algorithms.
  8. Copied Content – The practice known as content scraping will have you on the Google naughty list. Scraping over content from other pages or sources whether blatantly or tucked on back pages for the sole purpose of boosting your Google ranking will easily knock your rating.
  9. Link Exchanges – Taking part in link exchanges or link farms is harmful to your online marketing as Google looks upon these as frivolous and annoying blockages in the search engine system. Don’t be part of it.
  10. Cloaking Content – This is when completely different content is shown to Google bots than is actually visible to web visitors.  This is seen as such a massive Google faux pas your page legitimately runs the risk of becoming banned from their search index.

Be cautious in your web marketing, as any of these above simple mistakes can cause your site to be banned from Google indexing or pushed several pages back, leaving them just as good as banned.



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