What’s Your Best Source of Web Traffic?

By on September 13, 2007

When Steven from VandelayDesign invited me to be a part of his 5 day series on growing your blog, I jumped at the chance of being involved in a community project. So far, Steven and Kevin from BloggingTips have posted, with Tay from SuperBloggingTips and John from SiteFever coming up on Thursday and Friday.

Unfortunately, because of a stressful week of University Applications, I’ve been unable to sit-down and write a post out for Steven and the gang, and for that I really am sorry. Instead of me lecturing you guys about my best methods (which I will try and post about), I wanted to open the area up for discussion.

So, what has been your best source of web traffic so far?

In short, my best trafficking came from the release of 101 Essential Blogging Resources. This was essentially a digg-bait, that happened to get on the Del.icio.us Popular Page, and got featured on many top blogs – which has continued to bring in links to this day. At number 2 has been traffic received from blogroll links on other sites and blogs – which bring targeted visitors to my webpage.

Leave your thoughts in the comments area below or feel free to email me.

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