How Would You Make Money Online If You Only Had $10 To Invest?

By on January 17, 2008

Making Money Online

Today I read a fantastic article by Chris from DormRoomBiz asking “If you had $100, what business would you start?” He goes on to explain in the article how his business classes are mostly based around theory and are not focused on many practical experiments.

This is pretty much the same for me at school. Most of what we learn is based on theory and hypothetical situations. Whilst this can help us grasp a topic in its entirety and to examine different points of view, it lacks a practical element. Some level of personal experimentation in our opinion would really help concrete in the facts that we’ve learned, and to see how real-life situations differ from the whiteboard.

To answer Chris’ question, I replied that I would most probably start a service-based business. Something like blogLOUDER could work well if I was prepared to chase up a lot of contacts and ask to see whether they would like Blog Consulting. However, a problem I faced with this business, is that many of the blogging newcomers are not prepared to spend money on a domain name and hosting, let alone time with a consultant.

Therefore, I concluded that I would probably start a content creation service. Christine managed to do this and secured amazing contracts worth a whole load of money. In all honesty, you don’t even need a website to start this form of making money online – maybe only a simple portfolio .zip file which could be sent to prospective buyers.

If you wanted to generate quick cashflow, you could price your average 400 word article low, in order to sell in large quantities (and to make sure that you attract repeat customers). I stated that charging $10 an article and managing to write 10 articles in a day would net you an easy $100. Whilst it’s not as easy as that (you have to find your customers and have the time available to write great quality content), it made me start to realise how much money you can make online if you are determined.

So I wanted to open this thread up to comments. Recently, we’ve had some great discussion occurring in the comments section, and I hope this post really helps you to start thinking about what you’re doing wrong and how you could get yourself back on track in terms of earnings. How would you make money online if you only had $10 to invest?

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