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    25 March 2009

    shutterstock_25287748Our new Ebook The Definitive 5-Step Guide to Making Money Blogging (available for download now!) is not just for tech bloggers or CEO’s. Many a “mommy blogger” has found herself earning good money with her blog, writing about her family. In fact, any blog on any subject can become popular and earn you excellent revenues as long as its well-written.

    We’d like to honor some of the best of the best here with our list of the Top 50 Mommy Blogs. These are blog that are written by women who have no real business agenda, except to write entertaining, informative and often humorous accounts of their adventures in motherhood. Enjoy!

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    1. The Mommy Blog (

    Don’t be fooled by the pastel color scheme. Melinda Roberts is a mom to be reckoned with. She recently published her book Mommy Confidential: Adventures from the Wonderbelly of Motherhood (available at

    From the site: Witty, sarcastic, and always engaging, Mindy chronicles her life, and that of her children. She tackles the good and the bad with a broad stroke and a sense of humor that give her writing depth and an emotional pull.

    2. MommyBlog (

    Her husband set up a blog for her as a gift for her 32nd birthday and she’s taken the cyber ball and run with it!

    3. Just Another Mommy Blog (

    A mommy blog about her daily flashes of brilliance (or, at least, highly glossed) regarding parenting.

    4. Blonde Mom Blog (

    A 39-year-old working mom to two girls trying to stay sane and away from the Barbie PopTarts. BlondeMomBlog is the No. 1 Google search result for “mom blog.”

    5. Modern Mommy Blog (

    A 29-year-old mother to a lively 18 month old girl with a B.A. degree in Sociology. She works with at-risk families to teach them about child development and how to deal with the challenges of parenthood.

    6. So Close (

    Forty-year-old South African mother to twins began blogging as a way to cope with infertility. Now that she’s been blessed with a set of boy/girl twins, she chronicles her daily adventures with them.

    7. Kim Chi Mamas (

    What better name for a blog written by a group of women mothering Korean American kids than Kimchi Mamas? They’re a little spicy, plenty fiery, and sometimes? They like to get pickled.

    8. News From Hawkhill Acres (

    Unschooling, Writing and Living in Maine – Mostly Humorously9. Hormone Colored Days (

    Kim Moldofsky is a former dolphin trainer, corporate creativity trainer, and a potty trainer. Now she writes, blogs, consults on blog outreach, and does all matter of mom-things.

    10. Writing Mamas Salon (

    Each day on the Writing Mamas Daily Blog, a different member writes about mothering.

    11. Joy Unexpected (

    Written by a woman called “Y” who is addicted to Starbucks, reality TV and to getting really good deals through coupons and “club member” savings.

    12. Soapbox Mom (

    Soapbox Mom is filled with stories, cool tools, helpful articles, homework helpers, fun gadgets, home-keeping tips, party ideas, and whatever might help people enjoy parenting.

    13. Sarcastic Mom (

    Anything’s game. Getting offended is a possibility. Laughing is required.

    14. Mom101 (

    Liz is a writer and former ad-woman who is completely honest about her lack of experience in motherhood.

    15. June Cleaver Nirvana (

    Lives in Texas. Answers to Holly.. 3 lively off-spring of the male variety. One dog. One cat. Likes to write. Lives to play poker. Glamorous? Not often. More nirvana than June Cleaver. Perky. Suburban. Angst.

    16. Absolutely Bananas (

    Mother. Coffee drinker. Information seeker. Skeptic. Creative. Dreamer. Schemer. Absolutely Bananas.

    17. Crunchy Domestic Goddess (

    Amy Gates is a mama of two living in Colorado. She’s passionate about home birth, natural family living, urban homesteading and other “crunchy” things.

    18. Committed Parent (

    A Mommy Blog written by a Daddy! Mark Brady, PhD is a father and social neuroscience educator. He’s also an award-winning author and the co-founder of the Children’s Grief Program in Palo Alto, California.

    19. Play Groups Are No Place For Children (

    Jennifer is a thiry-ish mom, wife, former Speech-Pathologist, worry wart, bossaholic, control freak. Her claim to fame is that she’s the #1 search result on Google for “kids pooping in pools!!”

    20. Mom To The Screaming Masses (

    WANTED, Carmen, mom to the Masses, for dangerous undertakings inside and outside the home. Last seen with her partner The Hubster, and six accomplices. This fugitive is considered armed (with epi pens and inhalers) and dangerous, especially when she hasn’t had her morning coffee.

    21. Mother Goose Mouse (

    Julie Hudson is smart, funny, and has a first grader who’s destined for a career as a lawyer, a preschooler who can scream loud enough to shatter glass, a baby who’s already eating her out of house and home, and a husband who can drink his weight in Natty Light. She’s also inordinately concerned about the cleanliness of her kitchen floor.

    22. Undomestic Diva (

    She does the best she can. When she feels like it.

    23. Motherhood Uncensored (

    She blogs to keep her head above water and her a$$ out of a psychiatric hospital! And because if she don’t tell her story, no one else will.

    24. The Dalaimama (

    The 14th Reincarnation of the Imperfect Woman. Dawn is a graduate student and adopted mommy to an Ethiopian born baby boy.

    25. Crazy Bloggin Canuk (

    Originally from Canada, relocated to Colorado via Salt Lake City where she gave up her wanderlust, travel-writin’ life to marry the love of her life. Shameless Mommy, Blogger, Devoted Wife, Frazzled Mother, Former Crazy Canuck Radio Personality, Prolific Publicist, Defender of Truth

    26. Maniac Mommies (

    Working moms everywhere will hear themselves in the voices of Erin and Kristin, creators and hosts of Manic Mommies, the weekly podcast for moms trying to do it all!

    27. Mother Bumper (

    Katie is a blogger who likes new things, loves old things, and admits to being slightly unstable.

    28. Three Boys Under My Roof (

    Heather is a wife and mother of two boys. She has a second job as an engineer that isn’t as fun as the wife/mother gig, but it brings home the bacon.

    29. Imaginary Binky (

    Sarah Porter writes a blog that she describes as an “imaginary binky.” That is, it soothes her as she furiously types out some diatribe about her life and family.

    30. Girls Gone Child (

    Written by freelance writer and author Rebecca Woolf, she blogs about motherhood from Los Angeles, California.

    31. Notes From the Trenches (

    Chris Jodran began blogging at Notes From the Trenches in 2004, never expecting more than a handful of people to ever read it. And half expecting that she would have to bribe even those few souls. Slowly her blog developed a following and has been nominated for several blog awards over the years.

    32. This Full House (

    This Full House is a full-frontal encounter into Liz’s life as a SAHM, lover of multi-functional gadgets, slayer of ALL appliances proved slow and/or inefficient, with 4 children, 2 cats, 1 super hyper sock-eating chocolate lab and 2 damned much laundry.

    33. And Baby Makes 6 (

    In August of 2007 Jody and her husband uprooted their family from the little town they loved and moved to the beach. They bought a 31 foot sailboat and now spend most of their free time torturing the kids by forcing them to cruise in what basically amounts to paradise.

    34. Antique Mommy (

    Sometimes Sweet. Sometimes Tart. But Always Real.

    35. Gwendomama (

    Failing at keeping expletives to a minimum while raising two live children, and trying to come to terms with the death of The Other One. She has an itty bitty obsession with food. In a good way.

    36. Secret Agent Mama (

    Mother and extraordinarily talented photographer Mishelle Lane.

    37. Whiskey In My Sippy Cup (

    She writes about how her momma didn’t love her, plays Food Network, and hilariously recounts her daily adventures as a mom in Colorado.

    38. Temporarily Me (

    A sister, a daughter, a wife, a mother, an employee, a computer addict, a freelance designer, a nag, a bitch, and yet oh! so! humorous.

    39. Single SuperMama (

    She doesn’t really have a passion for writing, in and of itself. But she does have a passion for people. And for community, for families, for relationships, for all of us supporting each other.

    40. Crunchy Carpets (

    Who is Crunchy Carpets is a Vancouver, B.C. mom with two insane children, and a Crunchy Husband she’s been married to for nine years.

    41. Who’s the Boss Blog (

    During the day she bosses around men that are old enough to be her father. At home, she gets bossed around by a four year old boy who refuses to wear pants. It’s all in a day’s work. Who’s the Boss? Momma is, that’s who.

    42. Beyond Mom (

    Jen is a mom and a freelance corporate writer who talks about everything a work-at-home-mom can relate to.

    43. Mommy Cracked (

    Mandy started writing Mommy Cracked in October 2007 as a creative outlet while being a stay at home mom. She quickly learned that blogging is a great way to connect with like-minded others, offered heran opportunity to write and served as an online diary of sorts about her ife, memories, and experiences.

    44. Walking With Scissors (

    Lynn is a thirtysomething, overprotective stay-at-home mom with a burning desire for attention. She loves her camera, summer, Butter Chicken, Cabbage Patch Kids, reading, throwing passive-aggressive tantrums when she’s upset, hanging out with my girlfriends, ice cream, thunder storms and sunglasses.

    45. Melia Lore (

    Student, feminist, mother to four, and founder of; Melia Lore chronicles her adventures as she attempts to juggle her family and several online businesses.

    46. Six Browns (

    Despite her struggles with infertility, Sandi and her husband have grown their family through both medical treatments and adoption. They have three princesses and a new little boy recently adopted from Ethiopia. The action never ends at the Brown House.

    47. Blog That Mommy! (

    Neila left Corporate America four years ago to be a stay-at-home mom. It is the most rewarding, fulfilling, and frustrating job she’s ever had. She started a blog because she has a serious lack of adult interaction.

    48. Pundit Mom (

    Joanne Bamberger is also known as PunditMom, a politically progressive mom AND political analyst living in the shadow of the nation’s capital. PunditMom blog is a mother’s guide to politics and a place for women to get their political fix and discuss their political ideas.

    49. The Redneck Mommy (

    “Where Dirt Meets the Skirt.” Tanis Miller dreams of world domination while blogging in Canada. She and her family are also supporters of several charities.

    50. CityMama (

    Stefania Pomponi Butler, founder and owner of the CityMama™ blog, is proud mother; and a professional writer and blog editor/producer who covers style, food, pop culture, and (of course) parenting with a cheeky twist. She often speaks on blog-related topics.

    Do you have a favorite “mommy blog” that wasn’t mentioned on our list? Leave us a comment and let us know who we’re missing out on reading!

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      Great list! I’m hoping that my blog — about a woman with two grown-up kids — could be included. Mommy-hood never ends. We are mommies for life, though we have to work hard to restrain ourselves once kids leave the nest. Here’s a link to my post “How to Over-Mother a Twenty-Something.”

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