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    7 March 2012

    Many small businesses feel overwhelmed by the multitude of social networking sites that are becoming more and more “must have”.  Google+ is a relative newcomer to the social networking game but has quickly become one of the absolute necessities for any small business.

    Many web gurus believe that Google+ may have revolutionized the way that the intricate pathways to search have been forever changed.  We may see SEO and pay-per click fall to the wayside of simply having a Google+ presence. So what do you need to know about having a Google+ account for your business?

    Make Google happy

    Being web searchable is about building your web presence.  The best way to go about this is to appease the leading search engine website, Google.  With the overwhelming success of Facebook, Google has developed Google+ to further social networking within Google.  Start off with a simple Google+ profile, both personally and for your business.  Simply becoming available on Google+ is going to boost your Google search-ability.

    Share valuable content

    Just with any marketing campaign you want to provide value to your subscribers. Google+ allows you to share information constantly and just about anything.  Two important things to remember when uploading content to any social network site:

    • Share information consistently
    • Share relevant information

    Sharing information relevant to your field of expertise and that your followers will find valuable makes all the difference to building a sincere following on any social networking site.

    Have a “+1” button on your site

    Interweaving your web presence is vital to building your exposure.  Google+ allows readers of your website, blog or other websites to click on a neat little button known as the “+1”.  By clicking this button your readers are sharing your content on their own Google+ page as well giving you feedback on your hard work.

    Build your reach

    Growing your reach is so important to successful social networking because of the compounding nature of the sites.  The more readers exposed to your content, the better of course! Having a solid following also adds to the trustworthiness of your business.

    Use your personal account to further build your reach

    Don’t be afraid to ask your own friends to engage in your business Google+ circles.  This is of course will call for any small business to determine the fine line between engaging your friends in your professional life and annoying them by treating them just like any prospect online. The more user profiles there are the higher your business page will rank on SERP (search engine results page), and favor you on SPYW.

    Link the other social networks

    A business presence on just one social networking site simply isn’t enough these days.  By having more than one site you’ll cast a wider web for your business to be more easily searched on the web.  There are other search engines than Google, though Google is the definite front-runner you may want to consider creating profiles.

    Add the Google+ badge

    In addition to the “+1” button on your website and blog, you’ll also benefit from the Google+ badge anywhere and everywhere you can add it.

    Remember to keep your information valuable and continue to refresh your content to continue to appear on your followers’ stream page.  The goal is to appease Google algorithms while also promoting your business in a positive light.

    Adam Toren is an Award Winning Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor. He Co-Founded along with his brother Matthew. Adam is co-author of the newly released book: Small Business, Big Vision: “Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right” and also co-author of Kidpreneurs.




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    2 Responses to You Knew it was Coming: It’s Time to Talk about Google+ for Business

    1. Kelsey March 11, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

      I’ve added the plus one badge, but it’s still not as easy as facebook to integrate google plus into my site.

    2. Paul Lee December 24, 2012 at 4:29 am #

      I thank you for this article as I did learn alot from it

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