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    3 October 2012

    It’s been a few years since we last made a list of the 100 best iPhone Apps for entrepreneurs.  The iPhone has since exploded in popularity and new apps are released every day.

    Let’s take a look at some fresh apps that will assist and/or entertain you with a touch of your finger.  Like last time, we’ll be listing ten apps in ten categories.

    Enjoy the list!



    This list is for small business owners and entrepreneurs, so let’s begin with some apps to simplify your business life.

    1. CamCard

    Tired of printing out endless business cards?  Have multiple business cards weighing down your wallet?  Use this app, point and click, and move on with your day.

    2. Cisco Webex Meetings

    Get in on a Webex meeting by reaching into your pocket.  Work from home?  Out of the state?  No longer an excuse.

    3. Omnifocus

    A super-powered task manager that will keep you organized and efficient.  Keep track of tasks events by category and get reminders when a deadline is approaching.

    4. Line2

    Hold please.  Add a second line to your iPhone with this professional app.  Utilize call waiting and conference calling to create a virtual office in your pocket.

    5. Vlingo

    A friendly voice-activated personal assistant.  Voice dial, get directions, send messages, and more with own pocket secretary.

    6. Google drive

    The essential way to store and share your documents.  Collaboration is key to success and Google drive makes it easy.

    7. Recorder

    No, it’s not the instrument you learned to play in grammar school.  It’s a handy app that allows you to easily record business calls for future reference.

    8. Business Calendar

    An app that allows you to locate networking events around the world at any given time.  Get out there and make new connections!

    9. Rightsignature

    You know when the UPS guy shows up with a package and you sign your name on his tablet?  Pretty convenient, right?  Well, you can have that power too with this paper-saving app.

    10. Roambi

    Nobody is impressed by dryly presented facts.  Add excitement to your presentations with impressive visual files with this app.


    Don’t get caught at a meeting or networking opportunity clueless to the latest news.  Stay up to date with current events and manage your portfolio.

    11. Expensify

    File your expenses as you go with this helpful app.  Scan your paper receipts, track credit card purchases, and keep track of your spending.

    12.  Bloomberg

    Access financial data and track your portfolio on the go.  Video, audio, and tools to chart data are all available.

    13. CNBC – Realtime

    Another trusted source for all your financial news needs and feeds.

    14. ESPN

    Scores and highlights from sports around the world.  Hey, if you talk sports with colleagues, this counts as networking, right?

    15. Adaptu Wallet

    Remember the Seinfeld episode where George’s wallet grows out of control?  Keep track of bills, keep photos of club cards, and get alerts if you’re headed to budget disaster.  Warning:  More Seinfeld references to follow.

    16. NPR

    Great local and national news, in-depth reports, interviews and more.

    17. Pulse News

    Organize your favorite news sites, blogs, and online newspapers in an eye-catching format.

    18. Reuters News

    Another fantastic breaking news source with an emphasis on financial data on corporate information.

    19. Savings Goals

    Track for savings for business or personal goals.  Need capital for a project?  Need a car?  Enter your target date and amount and watch your progress.

    20. Zite

    Zite calls itself the Pandora of reading.  It’s a personalized magazine that considers your past reading and offers you suggestions on what kind of news you would be interested in.


    Multitask, shorten task time, and increase productivity!  Since the invention of the calculator, everyone loves to save a little time. 

     21. Evernote

    A fantastic note-taking app that is easy to use and has a great search function.  It also saves your files into a convenient cloud service.

    22. ScannerPro

    Not near the office when you need to work with actual paper?  ScannerPro allows you to scan items from your iphone with ease.  Adjust images, save them as PDF’s, and move on!

    23. Documents to Go – Office Suite

    A simple, effective idea.  Access your Microsoft Office files from anywhere.

    24. Due

    Hmm, did you forget something important today?  There’s so much to keep track of.  Here’s a reliable app that allows you to set convenient daily or weekly reminder alerts.

    25. Ifax

    Snap a picture with your iPhone and send the document as a fax.  Simple and incredibly helpful.

    26. Dragon Dictation

    Take a letter!  Don’t have a secretary to issue dictation to?  Not to worry, the dragon is here to help.  Have a long car ride and what to get some work done?  Try this speech recognition app.

    27. Weave

    A unique way to keep track of plans and projects.  See how much time you’re spending, view percentages of completed projects by task, and calculate expenses.

    28. Goodreader

    PDFs!  PDFs!  PDFs!  We all use them.  We all send them.  Read and modify them in style with this great little app.

    29. Dropbox

    Files, files, files!  They’re everywhere.  Keep track of all your files from your different devices and store them in the cloud.  Essential for your organization and your sanity.

    30. 37signals-HighRise

    HighRise is a great way to keep track of the contacts in your network.  Organize your thoughts, prepare your statements, and increase your productivity.


    Whether you’re shopping for your business needs or your personal desires, all that money you’ve earned has to go somewhere, right?

    31. Shopstyle

    Looking for high-end fashionable shopping and designer brands?  Look no more.

    32. Amazon

    Does anything really need to be said here?

    33. Groupon

    It’s changed the way people shop and save.  Find deals for up to 90% in strange cities.

    34. Redlaser

    This one is like real magic.  Scan a barcode and instantly search for better deals on the same or similar products.

    35. Snaptell

    Really cool stuff.  Take a picture of a DVD, CD, or video game and get instant descriptions and ratings.

    36. Ebay

    Bid and buy from your iPhone.  Some people manage to run an entire business based on ebay sales.  You can at least find that old baseball card you’ve been looking for.

    37. Wardobe Assistant

    You’ve got to look sharp in the business world.  Create and assemble outfits virtually without the hassle of trying on actual clothes.

    38. Bra Fitter

    An intimate app for female professionals.  Find the perfect fit by brand and style.

    39. Coupon Sherpa

    Another great coupon aggregate app.  Find the best deals on clothing, restaurants, travel, and more.

    40. Grocery IQ

    Organize your outings to the supermarket with lists, history, barcode scans, and voice search.


    Surf the web in style and have valuable reference resources at your fingertips. 

    41. Wiki Offline

    Hold the information of the world in your pocket!  Settle arguments!  Find facts!  Imagine the power!

    42.  Xmarks

    Do you use different browsers for your laptop, iPhone, and desktop computer?  Manage your bookmarks easily across devices and browsers with this innovative app.

    43. Google Translate

    It’s an international business world.  Don’t miss out on opportunities to exchange ideas with people from around the world.  Translate text instantly with the help of the good folks at Google.

    44. White Pages

    Hey, remember the white pages?  That big brick of a book they deliver to your house?  Leave that burden behind but keep the access to millions of people and business listings with this app.

    45. Family Doctor

    A helpful reference catalog with symptoms and professional medical tips to help keep you healthy and going strong.


    Struggling with your diction?  Need an alternate word in your writing?  Unleash the power of words with a handheld dictionary.

    47. Bing!

    Google is not the only name in the search engine game.  Microsoft delivers great search results with innovative features like photo-based searching and more.

    48. IMDB

    This app may not be essential for business-people unless they work in the entertainment industry.  Nonetheless, sometimes you just have to know who starred in The Departed. 

    49. Chrome

    We all know Google.  We all love Google.  We all must praise Google.  Enough said.

    50. Wolfram Alpha

    A strange name for a super app, especially if you work in the tech/science industry.  Computation and advanced math formulas in the palm of your hand.


    Going out of town?  Need a plane ticket?  Should you pack an umbrella or a bathing suit? 

    51. Tripit

    Organize and manage your itinerary with Tripit.  It monitors your flights for potential savings in airfare, car rentals, and can even read PDF files.

    52. Skyscanner

    With a dazzling display, this easy-to-use app will let you locate the lowest airfares to save yourself money and time.

    53. Weather Channel

    Up-to-date, accurate weather listings and forecasts all over the world.

    54. Menupages

    Hungry?  Find menus for great restaurants with this appetizing app.  A caveat:  It’s only available in the major U.S. cities at the moment.

    55. Flighttrack

    Don’t get caught sitting in the airport when you don’t have to.  Track flights in real time and save your time and patience.

    56. Yelp

    We’ve all used yelp to find a great bar or restaurant in a new city.  Find the cool places to go after you’ve done your work for the day.

    57. Fog of World

    Conquer the world by travel.  As you go to new places, the fog will dissipate.  A cool way to see just how much you’ve gotten around.

    58. Packing Pro

    Don’t forget your socks.  With this helpful app, you’ll stay organized and fully stocked on your business trips.

    59. Currency

    Up-to-date information on exchange rates on over 100 currencies and countries.

    60. Eventful

    Find something fun to do while you’re on a business trip in an unknown city.


    With today’s technology, there are no more excuses to be late for meetings.  Be on time and don’t get lost with these helpful apps.

    61. Magellan Roadmate

    Don’t get lost when you get off the plane.  A great GPS app that comes with a few different voice options.

    62. Localscope

    Explore your surroundings from your pocket.  This app uses geo-tagged info from tons of sources to give you a unique perspective on your local environment.

    63. Aroundme

    Another fine option to find out what is going on around you.

    64. Tomtom

    A GPS navigator that updates itself constantly.  Traffic jam up ahead?  Tomtom will let you know and suggest alternate routes.

    65. Garmin StreetPilot

    Another GPS navigator, this time offering off-line services and 3-d landmarks for more natural location awareness.

    66. Where Am I?

    Open this handy app and zoom in immediately on your location.

    67. Find Your Car

    Remember that Seinfeld episode where the gang gets lost in the garage?  Don’t be like Jerry and George.  This app will navigate you right back to where you parked.

    68. Thetrainline

    An app specific to our UK train commuters.  Great interface, timetables, location finder, and more.

    69.  Navigon

    A highly-rated GPS navigator designed especially for the iPhone.

    70. Live Street View

    A built-in compass allows this app to reflect movements you make with your iPhone.  Step into the street and experience avenues as if you’re walking down them in person.


    Life can’t be all about business.  Take a break and enjoy yourself with a game or some entertainment now and again. 

    71. Netflix

    Your favorite TV shows and movies.  You know you want it.

    72. Kindle

    Don’t spend all your time watching the tube.  Get in some quality reading with e-books, magazines, and newspapers.

    73.  Pandora

    You’ve got your movies, television, and books.  Now get your share of music with this melodic app.  Customize your personal station by selecting your favorite artists and musical styles.

    74. Hipstamatic

    Snap a picture and give it an instant retro feel with this cool app.

    75. Flood It! 2

    Simple yet increasingly challenging puzzle game.  Careful, this one may drive you crazy.


    A fun, social music games that allows you to compete with other players to be the best DJ.

    77. Trace

    An innovative platform game where you draw your own path to make your way through the levels.

    78. Flixter

    Movie trailers, reviews, and show times.  Get off your iPhone and into a real cinema.

    79. Battleheart

    Assemble a crew of warriors and wizards and hit the forest to battle various monsters.  Buy new weapons and magical items and prepare to lose some hours of your day.

    80. Shazam

    Play some of a song into your iPhone and wait for Shazam to tell you the song name, artist, and even bring up a YouTube clip.  You’ll finally get that tune out of your head!  Or will you?

    Social Networking/Email

    Make connections and maintain friendships from the comfort of your hand.

    81. HootSuite

    Manage your social networking with this tremendous app.  Need to post weekly on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn?  HootSuite allows you to set up automatic posting.

    82. Facebook

    C’mon.  Mark Zuckerberg has to eat.  Help out a little.

    83. Linkedin

    The place for business networking.  Enough said.

    84. Twitter

    Events, news, media updates, marketing, personal updates.  Tweet, tweet, tweet!

    85. Google+

    Google+ is becoming more and more popular and is quickly becoming one of the go-to social networking arenas.  Did you expect any less?

    86. Pinterest

    Just when you thought you had signed up for all the social networking sites, along came Pinterest.  Plan your goals and inspirations, shop, and consider new ideas for savvy marketing.

    87. Sparrow

    Add some efficiency to your emailing.  Combine your accounts, add attachments easily, and enjoy the pleasing display.

    88. Soundcloud

    A growing social network that allows users to share audio files like music, comedy, poetry, and radio broadcasts.  Pause and resume at your leisure.

    89. Viddy

    To contrast the audio, how about a social networking app built entirely around sharing video?

    90. Pair

    A different kind of social network, Pair is designed to be a personal sharing experience between you and that special person in your life.  Share conversation, photos, audio, and location arrivals.

    Grab Bag

    91. Alarm Clock Pro

    Wake up!  It’s time to start the day.  Get out of bed with a smile by listening to your favorite music and not a blaring alarm.

    92. Wi-Fi Finder

    Locate Internet hotspots by provider and location types.  Find free Wi-Fi wherever you go.  Don’t waste time wandering from coffee shop to coffee shop without direction.

    93. Battery Boost Magic

    This truly magical app will tell you how much battery power you have left to engage in various iPhone activities.  Should you spend your remaining battery time reading business documents or watching YouTube?  I think you know the answer.

    94. Ambiance

    Create a mood while you’re working with this app.  Crashing waves, gusts of wind, and other tranquil sounds can make a relaxing atmosphere.

    95. mSecure

    Do you have too many passwords to keep track of?  Store them in one convenient location, encrypted and away from other people.

    96. Runkeeper

    Stay motivated with your daily runs with this pocket-personal trainer.  Track your jog times, bike rides, and hikes.

    97. Classic Pro Calculator

    Looks like a college-level financial calculator in your iPhone.  Calculate your tips?  Unit conversion?  Trigonometric functions?  Not a problem.

    98. Skype

    Don’t forget to get some face time in with Mom.  It’s been too long.

    99. Tonepad

    Are you a part-time musician?  Compose some fun little tunes during your lunch break.

    100. Your App of the Future

    Spot 100 is reserved for the next great app.  Innovative entrepreneurs are creating fun and helpful apps every day.  Could you be next?

    Whew!  That should give you plenty of apps to investigate.  I’m sure we left out some of your favorites.  Let us know with a comment!

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    1. khan October 4, 2012 at 6:18 am #

      wooooo there are large number of collection of iphone apps I like many apps which you listed above such as Ifax , trace , flixter , tomtom, wi fi finder , skype, yelp, and many more .
      thanks for sharing

    2. Naplne do tlaciarni October 14, 2012 at 10:16 am #

      Just bought iPhone 4S, so I will try something from this list

    3. Kaylah Richards October 16, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

      Awesome list, thank you for sharing! There are a bunch that I have yet to try out, so I’m really looking forward to downloading them now. There are a lot in the business and entertainment categories that will really help me in my business travels I take for my job at DISH too. The only app I’d consider to be a favorite of mine missing in your list is DISH Remote Access. It’s the app I use the most on my travels, since it lets me watch all of my favorite shows from home, live or from right off my DVR, everywhere I go in the world. I’m a TV junkie for sure, so it’s great to have as a way to keep up with my favorite shows while I’m not in front of my actual TV. :)

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