Tips For an Awesome Social Media Campaign

By on December 26, 2012

Tips for an Awesome Social Media Campaign

For small businesses and international corporations alike, social media platforms have become an essential part of marketing strategies. It’s relatively inexpensive, and a great way to reach out to new customers, and give existing customers a platform to discuss your business. But it’s not easy. Millions of users are posting information on a daily basis, and social media sites exist primarily as an avenue for community interaction. To attract attention to your business, you’ll have to utilize plenty of creativity, prepare a precise plan, maintain consistency in your interactions, and find a way to gauge success.

Get Your House in Order

Before you begin a social media campaign, you’ll want to ensure your website and blog are set up for easy navigation and search engine optimized. The last thing you want is to drive a bunch of people to your blog or landing page and not deliver the goods. Create an online environment that informs, entertains and offers something unique to users. Then, register on all the social media sites you feel are relevant. You want to secure your brand and build and maintain a presence as many places as possible, within reason. Make sure your website and blog communicate with the same voice and expertise as your social content. If you start to attract fans in the social sphere, they’ll expect consistency.

Select a Platform and Set Clear Goals

What are you hoping to gain from your social media campaign? Are you trying to reinforce your brand identity to consumers with short bursts of advertising? A Twitter campaign may be best. Do you want to offer promotional competitions or organize sponsored events? Facebook may be your answer. Are you going to focus on business to business transactions? Linkedin may be the way to go. Identify your target audience and formulate a plan that addresses their interests and desires specifically.

Be Creative and Stand Out

How does your audience interact with social media? Try to formulate a strong campaign theme that will stand out amongst the rest of the chatter. Effective social media campaigns require a large dose of imagination and should include clear calls to action. They are also all about timing. Keep a keen eye on what’s trending in Google, attempt to forecast fan activity, and implement your campaign at the right time. In addition to knowing when to launch, you’ll want to know when to bring an end to your campaign. Even if users genuinely enjoy participating, there is always the matter of fatigue to consider. You don’t want to alienate your fans by overwhelming them. And whatever you do, don’t spam. Everything you say should be entertaining or offer a creative solution to a problem.

Stay Engaged

Social media marketing is not about speaking at potential consumers or clients. It’s about speaking with them. It’s fairly easy to get users to “like” your post, or even repost it. But you should be seeking more than that. Try to initiate a conversation. If people are acknowledging your posts, acknowledge them right back. Ask open-ended questions and don’t be afraid to be provocative. Remember, the more people actively engage with you and your business, the more they become invested in what it is you have to offer. Make it easy for users to participate and reward them for doing so. Additionally, don’t be afraid to address negative comments. If you simply ignore negative feedback, other readers and viewers will notice and wonder why you’re being evasive. Address concerns and supply answers with a human voice. If someone is obviously trolling and purposefully trying to damage your business without good reason, keep a positive attitude and remain polite. Don’t get dragged down to their level. Other users will notice that you took the high road.


Do you best to analyze which social marketing methods are working best. Track actions that users are taking. Which posts and on which platforms are they responding? Experiment with different versions of Tweets or posts to determine what is generating discussion and action. Once you begin to understand how users are discovering your social outlets and how they are interacting with your brand, you can begin to tweak and make adjustments until your social media rewards are worth your investment of time.

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    You are right..Tracking is really important…Thanks for your Post…

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    January 7, 2013 at 4:22 am

    Great stuff. There are some gold nuggets in here. I’m keen to engage my facebook likers a little more and love the idea of some open-ended questions.

    • Matthew T

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      @HMC Thank you for the excellent comment! Thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated! Cheers!

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    It is vital for businesses to engage with customers online through social media today. Social media is also a great way to promote your business for little to no cost. Great post!

  7. Steve Pronger

    January 15, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    Yes tracking is vital. Otherwise it’s very much hit and miss. But there are plenty of tools and services that help you determine exactly what is working.

  8. Holly Richards

    January 31, 2013 at 5:39 am

    I was lost at first with Social Media, didn’t know which tools were best to use and whether i would get the ROI from Facebook, Twitter and others…plus I didn’t have the time to manage it all. I do think Social Media is valuable but you can easily get it wrong and your messages just evaporate into thin air, it can be terrible when you realise than no-one is listening! I’ve found that leaving it to the experts is the best thing to do and it doesn’t have to cost much, the initial startup phase is what you need to get past then you begin to communicate with people who are interested in your products or services. This is well worth a look if you need a great Facebook cover designed, someone to manage your social media presence or you can even get your entire strategy developed:

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    August 26, 2013 at 3:31 am

    Great Post. Essential for Businesses of different sizes.