Top 5 Must-Attend 2013 Conferences for Entrepreneurs

By on February 27, 2013

Top 5 Must-Attend 2013 Conferences for Entrepreneurs

Small business and entrepreneurial conferences offer many benefits, including exclusive seminars, networking opportunities, and even product discounts. Regardless of where you may be in your project there is likely a 2013 conference to match you needs.

You Want to Grow Your Business

If you’re a small business owner that needs motivation on growing your brand to its true potential, consider The Small Business Summit in NYC. This conference, held in May, touches on everything from marketing to business technology. Case studies, keynote speakers, and panels are a few of the teaching methods used. If you yearn to not only learn more about growing your business, but also connect with fellow owners who may be facing similar challenges, this is the conference for you.

You Want to Network

Networking is a vitally important skill for any business owner or entrepreneur to have. The CEO Space conference is the perfect opportunity to get out there and meet like-minded individuals. This event is essentially a combination of a conference, trade show and network event all rolled up into one. You can find everyone from top executives to small business owners here. The main goal of this conference is to give attendees the right tools to achieve their goals more quickly and with less trouble.

You Want to Startup

Those who are just starting up and still fairly new to the business world may feel a bit out of place at conferences. If you aren’t quite up for an advanced conference consider The Startup Conference in February. This event is tailored towards beginners and focuses on such topics as how to raise capital or begin a partnership. Networking can be a less intimidating experience since many of the attendees are in same position and have the same experience as you.

You Don’t Want to Travel

Sometimes traveling to conferences just isn’t an option. If you’d prefer to stay home but don’t want to miss out on a learning opportunity, the Underground Online Seminar could very well be the perfect option. This is a worldwide seminar that aims to update the attendees on the latest in the industry and prepare them for the future. Examples of popular topics for this year include updated marketing techniques and new SEO information.

You Want the Best of the Best

Digital and social media are hot topics in the business and entrepreneurial world. If these types of subjects are important to you, it’s worth it to attend one of the best conferences this year: SXSW Interactive. This conference is not only one of the best out there, but also one the largest. There are numerous training sessions and networking opportunities. Though it is a seemingly prestigious event, many claim that it is one of the most laid-back. To sum it all up, SXSWi simply won’t disappoint.

Conferences are an opportunity to broaden your horizons, gain knowledge that you can’t find in a book or blog post, and network with your peers. What conferences do you plan on attending this year?

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  1. New World Publishers

    February 27, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Great article! Can you provide URLs to the conference sites, please? Google searches show multiple possibilities for the conference, want to make sure we’re getting the right ones! Thanks in advance.

  2. Christopher

    March 2, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    Great article!

    There is also an upcoming Virtual Summit starting Monday and running for 10 days. I’m excited
    about this because I won’t need to travel. There’s going to be a lot of great presenters.

  3. Due Souren

    March 4, 2013 at 10:10 am

    I agree with this list, well done!