5 Crucial Guidelines to a Facebook Ad Campaign Design

5 Crucial Guidelines to a Facebook Ad Campaign Design

Before you even open a Facebook ad campaign, you should know your audience. Facebook makes it easy to target certain people with your company’s ads. If you don’t target your ads, you’re reaching people who aren’t interested in your product or service, and you will end up at worst with no potential customers and at best with tire kickers.

Guideline #1:

Determine what type of person is most likely to use your service. Your ad campaign should target a specific age bracket, income level, and interest area. If your product or service is appealing to more than one demographic, you may want to prepare two or more different ads so that you can specifically target those in each demographic. For example, if both people in their early 20s to mid-30s and ones older than 55 would use your product, you may want to create an ad that targets the younger crowd and a different ad to target the older crowd.

Guideline #2:

Choose images and text that stand out in the crowd. Many people use Facebook to advertise, and you are most likely not the only one offering the same product or service. Your ad boxes should stand out from everyone else’s. Make your ad campaign stand out—attention grabbing ads always garner clicks.

Guideline #3:

Create a compelling call to action. At the bottom of your ad, direct the reader to visit your web site. You might say something along the lines of “Visit us at yourbusinesspage.com to get this widget at a discounted price.”

Guideline #4:

Before you run your ad, you should be ready to deal with the traffic you may receive from your ad campaign. The last thing you want is to have people think you’re ignoring them because you don’t respond within a reasonable amount of time. You may want to set up an autoresponder for questions or send a FAQ about your products or services, but if you do use an autoresponder, be sure to alert the customer that you will be personally contacting them within a certain amount of time.

Guideline #5:

While this guide is for those who prefer to advertise via their feed or a sponsored ad, you should seriously consider finding the money to create a sponsored ad campaign. When someone clicks “Like” on the ad, it shows up in their feed as showing they liked the page. Others can simply click through from the feed post to your business.

Regardless of how you design your Facebook ad campaign, be sure the entire campaign is thought out before you open your Facebook page. A bad Facebook ad can result in no clicks, but a well-designed and well-targeted ad could result in more traffic than you can handle. Part of design is ensuring that you can respond to everyone who has questions and also get all orders out within a reasonable amount of time.

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