6 Simple Steps For Sales Success

This guest post was submitted by Justin Nowak, who has been in a sales and sales management for over six years. Currently selling communication devices for MTS Allstream here in Winnipeg, Canada. His new venture is a investment campany that is currently being formed, check www.impactoblog.com for updates.

These days, selling is becoming increasingly more difficult as competition in most markets becomes fiercer. There are still some methods that I use to stay ahead of the competition and my coworkers. These have worked as I have switched companies in the same industry and even when I have left to go into a new industry. This may not work for everyone, but they are techniques that I have used and honed over the past few years.

1. First contact communication is key. Once I get a feel for a person, which has to be done quick, I try to copy the style they are talking to me. If they are quiet and reserved I am not going to be loud and boisterous, and vice-versa. These seems like common knowledge but time and time again I see other salespeople not changing their style to mimic the customer.

Doing this I feel makes the customer feel a lot more comfortable with the person that they are talking to. It helps the start of building rapport with the customer and eases their apprehension.

2. Ask your customer what interested them in your product and why they chose to grant you the time to talk. Not only will this make the customer feel like you care, which any good salesperson does, it gives you the info to make a proper recommendation on what they should buy.

Repeating what the customer has spoken to you is one of the best tools you can use selling, and you can base your recommendation to buy based on what the customer said they really wanted. This is trust building and helps make closing much easier.

3. Closing. So many salespeople seem to miss this step, or be too afraid to attempt it because they fear rejection. It is an integral part of selling and you must not shy away from it. You can make your first close attempt after you repeat back and recommend your product or service.

But remember that one closing attempt isn’t usually enough. Study’s show that the most successful salespeople attempt a close SIX times! This means don’t give up and keep trying, when the customer objects always be prepared with a rebuttal as to why they should by.

4. Always keep your word. If you state you are going to do something for a customer always make sure you do so. This is just another basic principal but is the best trust builder you can have. So many extra sales can be made by just keeping your commitments!

5. Always keep in contact with your customer. Then you will know when they are ready to buy additional products or if they need your assistance. It also helps build your continuing relationship with the customer. Building a customer base will be a key to your continued success.

Turning your customer into a raving fan will net you all-important referrals that are warm leads and a lot easy to sell to.

6. Never lose your humor. Your humor will get you through the tough times and customers that are always around in sales. Humor is also an excellent connection with your customers and can help in your initial meeting. Just remember to keep it tasteful!

And those are the major factors I stick to in sales. They have served me well in the past 6 years I have been professionally selling. I hope you found some insight in this article!

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