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  • 30 Days to Pumped Up Blog Traffic

    It’s pretty much universally accepted these days that having a blog is a smart move for any business.  And because just about everyone understands that, just about everyone (and their uncle) has a blog.  What that means...

    • Posted August 6, 2010
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  • Building a Brand? Join the Crowd!

    Most start-ups and entrepreneurs will by now have heard of “Crowdsourcing.” It is the Web 2.0 phenomenon that sounds almost too good to be true. It’s a simple way to find hundreds, even thousands of contractors who...

    • Posted July 30, 2010
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  • 7 Tips for Kick-Butt Blog Writing

    Far different from book or other formal writing, writing for a blog requires its own specific set of skills. And once you’ve got them down pat, you’ll be able to produce sparkling, original, copy that will keep...

    • Posted July 27, 2010
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  • Social Media Marketing – Why It’s Not Enough

    There’s little doubt social media marketing can be a valuable resource for both internet-based and brick and mortar businesses.  But it’s just as important to know what it can’t do for you as to know its benefits. ...

    • Posted July 21, 2010
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  • Flickr – The Best Kept Social Networking Secret?

    Chances are good that when you think of social networks, you think of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, and when you think of Flickr, you think photo sharing.  We recently posted an article on paid and free image...

    • Posted July 14, 2010
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  • Perfecting Your Pitch – 7 Questions in 60 Seconds

    “What do you do?”  It’s a simple enough question, and for many, the answer is simple and easy.  If you work at a job, for example, it’s easy enough to say, “I’m an HR manager for Sears,”...

    • Posted July 6, 2010
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  • How to Generate More Referral Business

    Getting new business is a constant struggle for many small companies. A lot of companies market aggressively and spend a lot of money to increase brand awareness and reel new customers in. Marketing is certainly important, but...

    • Posted June 30, 2010
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  • 5 Tips for Fueling the Entrepreneurial Flame

    Whether it was yesterday or fifteen years ago, at some point, you’ve felt – perhaps many times – that spark of inspiration and the rush that goes with it: The feeling in your gut that you’re onto...

    • Posted June 18, 2010
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  • Do You Have a Business Plan? What About a Life Plan?

    We talk a lot about business plans.  What should they include?  Should they be 50 pages or just 1 page?  Should you pay someone to create it, use a template, or do it yourself?  One thing you...

    • Posted June 11, 2010
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  • How to be Successful at All You Do – 7 Crucial Personality Traits

    Judging from the number of self-help and business books sold every year, millions of people want to know what it takes to be successful in business and in life.  Of course we do.  Especially if you define...

    • Posted June 8, 2010
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