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How Google is Hindering the Organic Growth of Local Startups

Let’s be honest—running a successful startup with a local market is not an easy proposition. As if simply generating the initial capital, building and maintaining good relationships with customers and vendors,  and managing day to day finances weren’t difficult enough, there’s also the matter of getting your company’s name into the public eye. When it […]

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3 Ways to Sell Your Business Like You Ran It

While there’s no doubt that running and selling a business are two completely different animals, there’s enough in common between the two – if you’re doing it right, that is – that entrepreneurs and business owners can confidently, quickly, and profitably sell their businesses with the right knowledge and preparation. The following list includes three […]

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Jeff Lipton, Barbados Executive, Comments on Expat Culture on the Island

As the world becomes increasingly borderless a growing number of people are traveling overseas for work, school and to just live. This ever changing global diaspora is helping to introduce local residents to foreign customs and traditions, while adding a piece of home to their new surroundings.Currently the number of expats around the globe surpasses […]

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The Science Behind Successful Business Negotiations

One’s ability to negotiate effectively can be the key differentiator between success and failure in a company. When put into a grand entrepreneurial scale, your bargaining skills at the local flea market or strip mall can result in an advantageous position for your brand. Negotiating, however, is not an innate talent everyone is born with […]

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