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How Companies are Reimagining Business Processes With Algorithms

More changes in today’s business are being driven by computers- not through useful programs written by humans, but processes re-engineered by data analytics. This branch of computing relies on complex mathematical algorithms that today represent machine learning – the ability to learn, adapt, and evolve better machine intelligence. Algorithms are in effect a step-by-step process […]

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Denver Startup Week

I’m partnering with Chase Ink and attending Denver Startup Week on their behalf.Startup weeks and weekends may be a relatively new concept, but they exist all over the country; growing entrepreneurial communities in cities like Phoenix, Washington, D.C., and Portland even have their own startup weeks. But the leader of the pack is Denver Startup […]

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7 Turnkey Online Business Ideas

There are many turnkey websites that make money out there if you are just prepared to spend a little time doing research on them. Not all of them are suitable for every person. Here we have just a small selection of turnkey online business opportunities.Graphic DesignThis is a great turnkey internet business opportunity for anyone […]

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