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Unleashing the YouTube Inside of You

More viewers watched online video than TV in 2012, according to SundaySky. Nearly 200 million viewers watched 456.6 million content videos for an average of 6.3 minutes, while sitting through 105.4 billion ads. Video attracted 56 percent of consumer web traffic, along with 20 percent of mobile phone users and 50 percent of tablet users. […]

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8 Tips for a Successful Marketing Campaign

Online marketing has brought the world market to within the means of even the smallest business. However, the enormous size of the Internet market and the number of marketing options can seem overwhelming to a business just starting its first online marketing campaign. Before you begin, take a few minutes to consider the following online […]

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Podcast Your Line into a Sea of Listeners

Hello, friends and listeners. Welcome to another episode of “Lamps and Stamps,” the only podcast devoted to a weekly breakdown of the hottest news from the lamp and stamp community. We’ve got a special show today. John Harrington, inventor of the lamp, is here to give us some historical perspective and let us know how […]

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Video Thrills the Internet Czars

Business is about establishing and maintaining relationships with customers. What better way to connect with your potential customers than by putting your face in front of the camera? Getting people’s attention is increasingly competitive, and we’re all constantly bombarded by facts, figures, and images. To stand out, you’ve got to create content that is both […]

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All Aboard the Kindle Self-Publishing Train!

Centuries ago, only the educated elite could read, let alone write, books. Improvements in printing technology allowed the written word to be shared with the common people. Words equal power, and this proliferation of literature helped create the concepts of equality and democracy that we so value today. As the Internet developed, information became even […]

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