Misspell search for eBay

Every one wants to find a real bargain on eBay. But sometimes with the amount of competition from other buyers on the net, getting a good price just isn’t possible. However, while I was surfing the other day, I discovered that many people when listing their mp3 player for example, spell the title of it […]

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Google to rival Paypal?

Being a keen and regular user of Paypal myself, I thought I should bring to attention some great news that I heard that Google is set to be challenging Paypal with their own internet payment service. Although Paypal continues to earn eBay more than $200 million dollars in a quarter, I’ve still seen many people […]

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Blogging builds Self Esteem

Found this article on Blog Business World, and I thought it was actually very informative so I will share the key points about it with you… Blogging builds self esteem. Self confidence and a more positive outlook on life is a seldom discussed aspect of blogging. Because bloggers are often thought by many people, to […]

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Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

I’ve always considered myself as a bit of an entrepreneur, but what really is an entrepreneur, and what types of things make them so different to everyone else. According to Wikipedia.com, an ‘Entrepreneur’ is a “loanword from the French language that refers to a person who undertakes and operates a new venture, and assumes some […]

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