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  • You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

    On the web its important to be different. So important in fact that your livelihood hangs in the balance over it. Whether its a brand new internet auction site, or a fantastic unheard of niche that has...

    • Posted November 18, 2006
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  • Disappointed Over Google PR Update – iWebTool Lies

    Yesterday I was checking out a few entrepreneur forums (as usual) and I really wanted to know about what Pagerank other webmasters had for their sites – so I made a post in here. Coincidentally, straight...

    • Posted October 2, 2006
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  • Pay Per Link – Websites and Blogs

    I wanted to finish the small series I started which opened with Pay Per Article and Pay Per Post on Forums. The main aim of this series was to show entrepreneurs and online webmasters that there are...

    • Posted September 12, 2006
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  • Another Poll: Resources On Blogtrepreneur?

    I decided to end the Poll on my Adsense layouts a bit earlier than usual to make way for my new poll. All of these have been in aid of revolutionising Blogtrepreneur and the way in which...

    • Posted September 6, 2006
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  • Cool Stats Graphs

    I just wanted to show the loyal readers of Blogtrepreneur some stats which shows the extent of how popular has become on the net. By the way, sorry for the pretty bad quality, the pictures only...

    • Posted August 4, 2006
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  • predicted a PageRank 6

    So I was browsing (or should I say ‘surfing’) the net today, and I stumbled upon (excuse the pun) a pagerank prediction tool. Now after the buzz of the last PR update by Google, and after my...

    • Posted August 3, 2006
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  • How to boost traffic to your blog: Backlinks

    Over the past few weeks, Blogtrepreneur has experienced a steep rise in the number of hits, and I owe this down to a few particular factors which I will share with you over the coming days in...

    • Posted June 12, 2006
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  • Go on…Share a bit of link love!

    Recently, I’ve been the victim of a bit of link-loving. Well actually, victim is completely the wrong word, because the benefits of being linked too are far from horrible. At the beginning of this week, my aim...

    • Posted June 9, 2006
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  • Starting an E-Biz – Part 5: Marketing your E-Business

    Hi Guys, Well here we are, the last and final part in my series of How To Start Your Own E-Business. In the series we have covered Planning, Domain Names and Hosting, Design and Content and Payment....

    • Posted May 22, 2006
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  • Use a Simple Style Guide when writing for your Blog

    I recently have been fortunate to have an article written for me by Craig McGinty, a freelance journalist who runs a number of websites including He is a firm believer that entrepreneurs and small firms can...

    • Posted April 4, 2006
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