Which Body Weight Exercises Make for An Absolutely Awesome Body?

Body weight workout exercises

When you make the decision that you want to change your body, you probably don’t consider how effective body weight exercises are. For whatever reason, we somehow got it into our minds that you can’t get fit without weights.

For whatever reason, we somehow got it into our minds that you can’t get fit without weights.

This means that once you take the weights out of the equation, there are some really outstanding exercises that you can do from anywhere—and they will get you results!

A lot of us find that when they we're just starting out we aren’t sure how to put together an effective routine. The good news is that you can turn to some already established workouts, such as those from Beachbody to help you in getting yourself up and running quickly and effectively.

As with anything else, the already established workouts can take you so far but after a while you'll start craving some variety.

Think of exercises that you love to perform without weights (like skaters, jumping jacks, or pushups) and then think of how to incorporate them into one effective full body workout. With different variations, these can slowly evolve into your entire regimen if you put in the time and effort.

You will be hooked on these workouts, especially after you see how they can change your body and therefore this can start to take on a life of their own after awhile. Starting is the hardest part, and once you do you will find that these are great workouts that you can stick with.

Start With The Basics

It almost goes without saying, but I have to mention the foundation because it is so important. Any exercise routine you adopt has to be accompanied by good sleep, healthy eating habits and drinking plenty of water!

Most discussions about getting in shape don’t mention sleep. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to making bad decisions. Which could include skipping workouts, opting for takeout, etc. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours a night. Make it happen!

Eating healthy eventually becomes more of a lifestyle than a habit. And for you to succeed in your transformation it has to be! Best practice would be to talk to a dietician if you are able. Otherwise, just make gradual changes and stick with it.

Water is the ultimate replenisher. It will help control your appetite, energize muscles and lubricate joints. A normally active person should expect to drink in the neighborhood of a half gallon per day.

?You may need more in certain circumstances. Multiply that by everyone in your family and it adds up quickly! We recommend using your kitchen tap to refill reusable bottles to reap financial and environmental benefits! Buying bottles can cost up to 2000 times more!

There Are So Many Great Options To Choose From

Remember to start small and work your way up. You can start with something simpler like Calisthenics workouts for beginners. But if you want a real challenge to get you into this trend right from the start, then you may go for a pull up bar workout. 

Body weight training can be such an amazing way of improving your health, but also of getting the results that you are after. It’s not about fancy equipment or even the gym when it comes to getting fit and changing your body for the better. You can very easily add muscle, shed fat, get the heart rate up, improve your health, and feel so much better in the process by performing workouts without weights.

You can use exercise bands, pull up bars and even towels in your weightless workout routines.

The comparison table gives you some examples of workouts that you can use at any level to get started to achieving the best ripped body!




What You Should Know!


Intermediate / Advanced

30 - 60 minutes

This workout uses your bodyweight so no equipment needed! Not for the faint of heart, there are 3 versions of the Insanity program: Insanity, Insanity MAX30 and Insanity Asylum.


You get the results from the work that you put in, so work to the MAX to get the INSANE results from this killer workout. With the accompanying nutrition program you are sure to get the best sculpted body that you desire.


Beginner to Advanced

25 - 60 minutes

Total body training based on a combination of routines including cardio, body weight workouts, plyometrics, abs work, martial arts and yoga. The P90 version of Tony Horton's workout is a simple program for everyone looking to transform their body.


Then there is P90X, P90X2 and P90X3 which are advanced total body training routines. This program incorporates a nutrition plan, so be prepared to change your eating habits and incorporate shakes. The routines are challenging but if you stick with it you would feel and see the effects.

Hard Corps


22 minutes

A bootcamp workout based on training used by the military. The Navy Seals perhaps? Tony Horton's Hard Corps is said to be an easy to follow, 22 min total body workout routine that challenges you to go where you have never gone before.


The 8-week program is all about intensity to the MAX. A workout that can kick your butt, but the results can be worth it!

The Pull-up Solution

Beginner to Advanced

You set it!

This pull up bar workout consists of exercise videos that can be tailored to your individual needs based on the personalization guide included in the program. The charts provided help you structure the program based on your time constraints.


Used by persons who have entered bodybuilding competitions, who are trying out for the military and regular folks. A comprehensive program that will get you doing perfect sets of dead hang pull ups within a month.

Never Gymless

Beginner to Advanced

You set it!

A full body workout high intensity that incorporates bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, isometric training, lower body and core workout. Some of the workouts use towels and thera-bands unlike most calisthenics workouts.


Advanced variations of the workouts are described in the eBook but it may leave the beginners wondering where to start and how the easier variations work.

You Can Get Back To Basics and Change Your Body In Amazing Ways

You probably don’t realize just how many wonderful exercises that you open yourself up to in this category. There are some great body weight workouts, and they are all based upon fundamental basic movements that will change your body in a really big way.

Like most of us, you probably skip past push ups or pull ups because you’re sure that it won’t help to change you in a big enough way—but that’s simply not the case.

You are going to find that body weight workouts can change you even more than hitting the gym and lifting for hours each day. Think of some of the movements that you did as a child and how much fun they were. Those same moves like inchworms, bear crawls, and even step ups can be amazing for changing your body as you get older.

The reason is that these use your own body resistance to help you with that added resistance. They are much more challenging to perform at this point in your life, and they also ask many more muscles to get involved in the act.

There Are Some Great Workouts To Burn Fat and Add Muscle

One of the greatest misconceptions about body weight exercises is that you can’t get everything that you need out of them. The reality is that you can burn fat in a really effective way.

You are getting in cardio in a powerful way that uses just your body to make it happen. not jumping on a treadmill mindlessly. You may find that using an already established workout from a well established channel like Beachbody can help to give you all that you need. Some people need more of a challenge or wish for more variety, but start with something like Cize.

Bodyweight training

This is a hip hop dance workout, but it uses only the resistance of your body for some amazing toning as well as cardio. This may be a nice complement to some no weight workouts that you create on your own.

You may wish to get insight from a personal trainer or as you gain more experience, you may find that you can come up with some on your own.

Be sure that you integrate cardio intervals such as jumping jacks, punches, and mountain climbers into the strength training component. You can perform dead lifts without weights and do perfectly fine, and still get the same effect.

Work in some explosive push ups or burpees (that are both strength and cardio all at once)—and you never have to pick up a weight or use any equipment at all to get to where you want to be! It sounds too good to be true, but it’s really not. That’s what makes these workouts so approachable and yet so very challenging to people of every fitness level.

You are powering these movements and you are burning calories, shedding fat, and ultimately setting yourself up for a much better starting point with your body so that you may add muscle. This is how you change your shape and therefore the cardio component, even in something like push ups, can really work wonders.

You have to also recognize that workouts without weights can really help you to feel the burn in a whole new way. No you’re not just bench pressing weights without any thought given to the process. You are performing exercises like dead lifts, variations of push ups, pull ups, and planks.

This is a different way to work the muscles, but it’s going to give you some amazing results. The reason is that you are going deep into the muscle and you are using the resistance of your body to make it happen. You are going to notice changes much faster, and it’s going to keep your attention much more easily as well.

Create A Challenging Routine That Gives You Everything That You Want

You can keep weightless workouts interesting so that you stay motivated. You can find a way to create a routine that features all of the movements that will give you true value, and yet are motivating and even fun to perform.

You might not think that’s possible, but wait until you get started and see for yourself! These workouts have a lot of value behind them because they incorporate both fat burning and cardio as we’ve mentioned.

They can also be way more interesting and effective than just hitting the gym for an hour doing the same old thing. No two workouts have to be the same, and they are convenient enough workouts to perform from nearly anywhere.

This is all great news because in the end because you get great results. All by doing something you can actually look forward to and enjoy working out. That’s the secret to staying motivated and keeping with it!

No weight workouts

What you want to keep in mind in creating your own body weight training vs. using an established one is that you must be sure that there is always a challenge.

Some programs do afford you the ability to tailor their programs to your needs. By making modifications to the routine everyone can get results.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, an expert a woman or a man.The important thing in this type of workout to focus on quality rather than quantity.

When you use an already established and celebrated routine such as one of the Beachbody workouts, the guess work is done. You can turn to something like Insanity and know that these workouts use the resistance of your body and are highly effective.

They give you something very specific to work off of, and they also help you to get results that are celebrated by many. This doesn’t mean that creating your own workout can’t work just as well, but the convenience of something like a Beachbody workout has some great merit to it in this respect. Check out the info video below on the 22 minute Hard Corps workout.

There’s No One Size Fits All

The beauty of body weight exercises is that they are convenient and you can perform them from anywhere. They can be catered to the specific needs that you have at that point in time, your fitness level, or even some specific issue that you want to focus on.

You can find some great options out there such as Turbofire which take you through some exercises that are going to push you hard and force your body to change. The nice thing about using one of these home workout programs from Beachbody is that the guide tells you exactly what to do. These can work well, but you may also get to a point where you need something more.

Try to integrate in other exercises to continue to keep the body guessing. A great thing about body weight workouts is that they have a great deal of complexity and versatility to them. If you are crunched for time then you can get in a quick 20 minute workout that challenges you and gets it done quickly.

If you have more time then you can get into the nitty gritty and really add more toning and cardio to it.

The bottom line is you don’t need any weights to add muscle tone and definition to your upper body, and that’s a huge bonus in my book. You may find that workouts you make up on your own a great option for keeping things interesting and keeping you motivated.

Be sure to stick with whatever works best for you and you'll be on your way to a healthier (and fitter) lifestyle in no time!

Thomas Kasper

After spending years coaching high school football and teaching health, Thomas is now chasing a dream writing for Drips N Drops.