10 Characteristics of High Potential Employees

If you are searching for excellent employees, you should select people who can master new skills, improve leadership, accept feedback, and motivate their colleagues. A high-quality employee should help a business retain loyal customers. Dedicated workers will increase a company’s revenue and offer new ideas. 

If a business hires a non-commital employee, this can influence the attitudes of their colleagues. When a company employs an unreliable employee, this person can increase expenses, affect the reliability of other employees, and stifle innovation. 

Below are ten characteristics you can look for when you hire new employees. Once you evaluate these tips, you can find committed employees who consistently achieve major goals, help other colleagues, and exceed expectations.

They are Good at What They Do

Generally, outstanding employees are the ones that are good at their job. Make sure you’re hiring people who are qualified and experienced enough to meet your needs. 

If you’re hiring entry-level employees, they still need to be competent. Even without experience, they should have the necessary skills. 

They Desire Leadership

When an employee seeks leadership, their responsibilities will increase tremendously. This can encourage them, stimulate creativity, and enhance their resolve. Those who seek leadership in the future will be driven, ambitious, and invested in their work. 

Occasionally, the extra responsibilities may increase stress; however, competent employees can accept the challenges and master skills to improve their leadership. In order to optimize leadership, a dedicated employee will exhibit self-confidence. This attribute can effectively motivate others, stimulate innovation, and optimize teamwork.

They Work Well Alone

Many experts have described the importance of teamwork, but even if a manager’s team is cohesive, some individuals do not work well when they are alone. 

Strong employees can motivate themselves. When working alone, they optimize creativity, develop innovative ideas, overcome obstacles, and work to improve their efficiency,

When they are good at this, they can help others develop these skills as well. This makes for a strong group of versatile workers who are good in a team or individual setting. 

They Take Initiative

When great employees understand a company’s goals and mission, they will bring themselves alongside them and become personally invested in the success of the company. 

Initiative is important as managers don’t always have time to be watching over everyone’s shoulders. You want people who can handle themselves and work without supervision from time to time. They will also have the good sense to make small decisions if necessary or take up tasks they know need to be done without being asked specifically. 

They are Helpful 

Good employees are helpful to both the customers and their fellow workers. They may describe necessary tasks, explain new technology, and implement strategies that can improve efficiency. 

The employees can also accurately answer questions and help deal with issues and obstacles. Moreover, these employees can effectively train new employees and create better teamwork within existing team members.

If employees are not willing to pitch in and help each other when necessary, productivity and team bonding will both be stifled. 

They Take Feedback Well 

A solid employee will accept feedback with grace and professionalism. When the manager makes suggestions, they take them to heart. They will work to implement them and provide their own feedback on the level of effectiveness. 

If an employer is evaluating how to effectively give positive feedback, they can offer compliments, describe the employee’s accomplishments, and give a sincere thank you. 

Subsequently, they can provide beneficial suggestions and detailed guidelines. When a manager offers feedback, a strong employee will take it seriously and keep communication open by asking any questions they may have. 

They Have Emotional Intelligence

When someone understands the emotions of others, they will know how to respond to difficult situations. They can easily discern the needs of others and attend to them quickly. 

When an employee exhibits emotional intelligence, they understand subtlety in others and may pick up on issues that management misses. 

Sometimes, emotional intelligence can help employees to form important friendships. Friendships in the workplace are important and beneficial. They boost morale and improve retention as people love working with friends. 

They Go Above and Beyond

Excellent employees exceed expectations. They will take the expectations placed on them and do an even better job than they need to. They do this because they are dedicated, invested, and have a good work ethic. These are innovative, quality people that will benefit your workforce long-term. 

By accomplishing major milestones, they will increase a company’s revenue, improve the customer experience, and encourage innovation in others as well.

These people will be creative and offer fresh, unique ideas. When a company has many of these people, they will excel at whatever they are trying to do. It’s these people you want to attract and retain at all costs. 

The business can then effectively respond to emerging trends, and the company may unveil cutting-edge products, offer innovative services, reward loyal customers, and create unique solutions.

They are Constantly Developing Themselves

You want to search for employees who consistently improve their skills. Employees who actively pursue development are the ones who will achieve results and move the company forward. When they are always learning new things, they bring this to their job in the form of incredible innovation.

When you are examining how to best support employee development, you can offer fitness programs, extra incentives, courses, and advancement opportunities to those who are qualified. These things will keep people motivated, engaged, and always learning.

They are Dependable

You want people who understand the importance of consistency and exhibit dedication, reliability, and loyalty. 

Usually, great employees are willing to make long-term commitments, which will benefit the company. They always follow through on their word and complete projects on time. 

When employees are constantly late to work or not finishing their tasks, it takes a toll on the entire culture and morale. These people usually cost the company more than they benefit, and are not worth having around. Look for people with a good attendance record and a history of quality work. 

Choosing Excellent Employees

If you are seeking dedicated employees, you want to evaluate these ten crucial areas. Once hired, they should continue to exhibit the qualities you saw which made you want to hire them. Ensure this will be the case by checking references and credentials. 

The employees will make or break a company. It’s worth the time investment to find the best ones. 


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