15 Tech Bloggers To Follow In 2016

One of the things I love most about the Internet is how much it has pushed resources, both casual and professional, to provide better and better content. Not only do we have an endless stream of information at our fingertips 24 x 7 x 365, we can have it in whatever flavor or specialty that strikes our fancy. A danger, though, is that we get stuck reading the same old stuff, never branching out to take in a fresh angle or perspective.

For this reason, I like to evaluate my news sources every so often. I jettison some that feel stale or have started to get a little boring, going on the hunt for fresh places and faces to feed my technology addiction.

I decided to share some of the blogs whose writers I feel are worth following this year. They represent possibly some new faces you haven’t seen previously, but all have solid takes on technology, covering all sorts of topics from blogging and online income to computers and gadgets. I’d encourage you to check each of them out, take a look at some of their content, and see how it might fit in with your regular technology news intake.

One word of caution…I can’t take responsibility for the great ideas you might gain from these bloggers, nor the endless amount of technology “stuff” you’re likely going to be putting on the wish list. Enjoy!

Top 15 Tech Bloggers to Follow in 2016

Brian Loebig – TheInkBlog.net


Brian is a small business coach on the East Coast. He focuses his writing on tools and tips for small businesses, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs. But even if you don’t fall in one of those categories, you will still appreciate his take on tech and find something useful. I particularly like his How To… category.

Seth Godin – Sethgodin.Typepad.com


Seth Godin is a popular blogger, best selling author and forward technology thinker. Most people have heard of him and likely read one of his books. His blog is a great source of out-of-the-box thinking about technology related topics. Definitely worth a regular read. Pull up the latest post on the home page and just start reading.

Amit Shaw – ITechCode.com


Covers all sorts of topics of interest to techno geeks (and normal people too!). Amit has a unique take on gadgets, apps, Internet marketing, SEO, laptops and other technology. Start with his random posts.

Louis Gray – LouisGray.com


Louis Gray lives and breathes technology from one of the world’s hotbeds for technology companies and startups, the Silicon Valley. Louis discusses trends, technology he’s found useful, next generation tech, and technology flashpoints. The Ideas and Innovation section on his Top Stories page is an interesting place to start.

Raju PP – TechPP.com


Raju writes at TechPP.com with a focus on personal and consumer technology including web tools and gadgets. He aims to help readers incorporate technology into their lives in interesting and effective ways. The Tiny Tip section alone has plenty to keep you busy reading for hours.

Nitin Maheta – MakingDifferent.com


Nitin Maheta covers all sorts of topics on his blog, all with a technology tie of some sort. I found his topics fresh compared to the typical blogs we’re all used to reading. He covers online entrepreneurship, health, automotive, blogging, and of course computers and gadgets. I like the mix of gadget roundups and tips on using popular sites and software.

Ben Thompson – Stratechery.com


A former employee of both Apple and Microsoft, Ben has a unique perspective on technology happenings and the overall landscape. His articles are a little more in depth and thought provoking, so be prepared to dig in mentally. This is something I find myself drawn more and more to as they stretch my thinking.

Dustin Curtis – dcurt.is


Dustin’s blog is similar in vein to Ben Thompson’s. He causes me to think about technology and perspectives I hadn’t otherwise considered. What’s interesting about his blog is ideas tend to pop into my head as a result of reading his posts. This is the kind of content I want to be consuming on a regular basis.

Sujith Kumar – Techlineinfo.com


Sujith Kumar tends to write more on software and website/online related topics. He has some great practical tip articles and sprinkles in enough gadget related articles to scratch the physical device itch. Check out the Random Posts column on his site for a taste of the varied things he writes about.

Sanjay Kumar Negi – TechGreet.com


Sanjay covers a number of technology topics on TechGreet.com. I found his Ideas/Concepts and Rumors categories very interesting, and end up visiting those categories first when I rotate through to his site. Start with those two sections, then move on to others that interest you. He has some timeless information sprinkled throughout, so don’t be afraid to read back a year or two.

Chris Pirillo – Chris.Pirillo.com


Chris specializes in growing online communities and translating “geek” into terms everyone can understand. His site has a nice mixture of typical technology topics and random stuff that becomes a daily dose of technology entertainment. Start with the I Recommend category.

Harsh Agrawal – ShoutMeLoud.com


Harsh Agrawal is a successful online entrepreneur and writes about his journey providing tips, tricks and how to’s. His content is definitely geared more towards bloggers and others working to find success with online ventures, but covers topics that all will find useful and engaging.

Tim Dickinson – TechFruit.com


Tim started writing TechFruit.com to provide another voice on technology, gadgets, startup news and technology gossip. He covers practical technology topics like computers and gadgets, as well as technology science, law and music. Start with the articles under the Focus section on his site for a taste of his content style.

Eric D. Brown – EricBrown.com


A technology and marketing consultant, Eric uses his interest in technology and real-world data solutions to fuel his technology coverage on EricBrown.com. His articles are varied and engaging. I found his Projects section very interesting and would encourage you to start there.

Imran Uddin – AllTechBuzz.net


Imran spends his time building online businesses that net millions of visitors on a monthly basis. As the founder of AllTechBuzz.net, he covers the latest in tech news, gadget reviews and how to tips. Imran has 3 posts anchored at the top of his home page. Those are not only interesting but provide a good flavor of his style.

There you have it, 15 tech bloggers to follow right away. Take a moment now to check out their sites and connect with them on social media to stay up to date!

Is there a tech blogger that you follow regularly? Let us know in the comments below!