20 Actionable Tips to Build Your Mailing List – Infographic

What is the most important thing new bloggers cut out when they start? A mailing list.

The reason? Cost, most likely.

Why is this a bad move according to Neil Patel?

  • Email list is a recurring source of traffic. You publish a post and send an email to your subscribers and you can get recurring traffic for each new post.
  • Email subscribers convert better than any other online marketing method or source.


Here are 20 Actionable Tips to Build Your Mailing List in an Infographic.

email subscribers infographic

20 Tips to Increase Email Subscribers – An Infographic from YourEscapeFrom9to5.com

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Lessons from the Infographic


Tip #1 – Use your ‘About’ page to get email subscribers. If your content is good, people naturally want to know more about you and that’w why this is a good page to have an opt-in box.

Tip #2 – Use an opt-in checkbox when commenting. People who comment are action takers and there is a better chance of converting them into subscribers.

Tip #3 – Do not use double opt-in pages. Do not use two web pages – one to get the subscriber details and another to confirm it. Use confirmation emails instead.

Tip #4 – Use opt-in popups specific to a page a user is in.

Tip #5 – Provide additional content for email subscribers.

Tip #6 – Use author bio call to action for opt-in.

Tip #7 – Ask users to opt-in when they are about to exit your page. Throw the dice and find out if they like to stay updated.

Tip #8 – Host a contest or provide a freebie for opting-in.

Tip #9 – Explain the benefits of subscribing to your mailing list.

Tip #10 – Guest Blog to promote your brand and to build your mailing list.

Tip #11 – Have an opt-in box in your ‘Home’ page. Having a call to action in your ‘Home’ page is a great tactic to increase email subscribers.

Tip #12 – Have a ‘Thank You’ page for new commenters with a sign-up box.

Tip #13 – Experiment with your opt-in box and button colours. Use colours that stand out.

Tip #14 – Use an opt-in box that slides up. This is less annoying than pop-ups.

Tip #15 – Use a HelloBar for collecting email addresses. This is a bar at the top or bottom of web pages dedicated to collecting email subscribers.

Tip #16 – Have a sign-up box in the side bar.

Tip #17 – Join other bloggers to build your mailing list.

Tip #18 – Use the sign-up button on your Facebook fan page. Create a fan page if you don’t have one.

Tip #19 – Make your sign-up box stand out and non-intrusive.

Tip #20 – Use a mixture of the above tactics.



Don’t just use one of the above tips and hope to fill your subscriber list – use a few of the tactics. A stand-alone subscribe page is not going to cut it and is a good sign of a new blog. Have a sign-up box in your home page and about page; you could also have one in high traffic pages. Good luck building you mailing list.


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