4 AdSense Alternatives Every Webmaster Should Use

Google AdSense is the best known method for generating an income from a website or blog. Google uses the browsing history and cookies in the browsers of your visitors to automatically display ads based on the interests of your visitors. Sites that optimize the placement and coloring of AdSense ad blocks to increase clicks can make more money from them through increased impressions and elevated click through rates.

The more traffic you drive to your site, the more money you can make. Even if you are driving as many impressions as possible and have tested different placements for your ad blocks, you may feel that you should be making more than what you’re currently earning from your site. Thankfully, AdSense isn’t the only game in town. There are other online ad platforms that you can try your luck on if AdSense isn’t doing it for you. Below are some of the alternatives you ought to try out.


This platform features ads on your site via contextual links. Once Infolinks indexes all the pages in your site, it automatically generates links to different ads based on the phrases that are used as anchor text.

This is indeed a great complement to AdSense that normally features ad blocks on header, sidebar, and footer of a site - places in a page where visitors don’t look for information. With contextual links in the body of a post, there’s a great chance that visitors will take notice of them and click them, thus earning you money in the process!

Aside from contextual links, the site offers other publisher solutions to display ads in non-traditional places on a page. This is ideal for websites that receive thousands of daily visitors and wants to boost its earnings potential the way that traditional ad blocks can’t. For advertisers, the platform allows them to competitively bid for ad spaces on highly targeted sites in order to advertise with intent and overcome banner blindness.

Payment with a minimum of $50 can be processed through PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, ACH, and Western Union.


Finding new locations to place ads is almost impossible. After using your header, sidebar and other various pieces of your webpage real-estate, you are really only left with your images not being monetized. Luckily, imonomy developed an in-image advertising platform that helps publishers monetize their visual content. The company offers 5 different in-image ad products that are noticeable but not intrusive.

If a publisher wants to follow their performance, they can do so in the publisher account dashboard. imonomy has an easy payout policy and once you reach $100 you can get paid straight to your PayPal account.

Amazon Associates

If you have a site that reviews items and products available at Amazon, then this ad platform is for you! Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world that carries almost every product imaginable. You can register for a free account and generate links with a tracking code for the different products available in the site. The links can include a dynamic image of the product to increase impressions, depending on your approach.

If your visitors click on the Amazon link on your site and make a successful purchase, you can earn up to 10% commission of the product you promote. The more expensive the items you sell on your site, the greater the amount you will receive!

Similar to Infolinks, Amazon Associate does not conflict with other ad platforms, so think of this as a complementary way to earn money on top of the ads set up on your site.


The BuySellAds site allows publishers to connect with advertisers looking to promote their online businesses by getting their ad blocks featured on sites with high traffic. Unlike AdSense, ads from BSA are user-generated, which means that publishers will be approached by advertisers who will discuss the type of ad to be shown on your site. The payment structure is fixed; you will receive a monthly fee over a certain period of time for featuring advertisers’ ads on your site.

To increase your chances of getting advertisers to buy your ad space, you need to set up empty ad blocks on your site. One of the most common types of ad blocks is the 125x125 block that is normally shown on the sidebar. To qualify for BuySellAds, your site must receive 50,000 visitors per month.

Question: Aside from the options mentioned above, what are other AdSense alternatives or complementary ad platforms that you can use on your site to increase your earnings potential? Share your thoughts by commenting below!




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