4 Key Features You Need for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is becoming a significant asset for your business’s essential business communication tools. Video conferencing is becoming a primary communications channel for creating more engaged employees.

When deciding on a video conferencing app to use for your company, you want to make sure you are using software with the best key features. A video conferencing solution that is rich in features can inspire your team to be more productive w

A feature-rich video conferencing solution can empower your teams to be productive no matter where they are located. It can help your company better connect with clients and other stakeholders. It can also make it easier to collaborate, problem-solve, and hold productive meetings with online meetings platform.

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing refers to conducting a video meeting by communication technologies that allow for two or more people in different locations to connect at the same time through audio and video transmission. It is easy to host video conferences when using video conferencing apps and devices such as a smartphone or computer with webcam, speakers, and a fast internet connection.

Video conferencing is live streaming involving visual connections between two or more people who live in separate locations for communication. Video conferencing provides the transmission of static images between two places. It also ensures transmission of full video images and high-quality audio between multiple locations, through desktop video conferencing.

Important Considerations

  • Video conferencing is a convenient use of technology and lets users in different locations hold virtual face-to-face meetings.
  • There are numerous ways to utilize video conferencing, including company meetings, addressing board members, or job training sessions.
  • You can use video conferencing to connect traditional classrooms with students who take classes remotely.
  • The quality and stability of the video conferencing software can fluctuate with the reliability and speed of the data connection.
  • There are various ways video conferencing can be achieved, such as using smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers.
  • The stability and quality of a video conference can change with the reliability and speed of the internet or data connection.

With the number of businesses shifting communications from teleconferencing to video conferencing, for more productive team conversations, it is essential to have the optimal infrastructure in place to help conversations go flawlessly.

Teleconferencing or telecommute becoming more obsolete in today’s world. Since more and more people are working from home, video conferencing helps keep a team that is geographically spread out, keep in touch and active in the operations of a business.

As more teams are working from home, video conferencing continues to advance. There are many benefits to video conferencing, like cutting costs. Still, the primary benefit of switching to video conferencing is it improves collaboration, makes teams more productive, and speeds up decision-making.

Below are four key features you need for video conferencing to have the best experience possible:

  1. Screen Sharing

For interactive and productive meetings and control, screen sharing is an important feature. You will need to be able to share entire screens as well as individual apps on your desktop to the participants during the meeting. Screen sharing makes it easier for your video conference participants to follow the meeting, and stay engaged.

  1. Multiple Webcam Capabilities

When conducting video conferences, it is essential to have multiple webcam capabilities. Meetings are more impactful if you can see the face of the individual in the meetings who are talking. Seeing face to face helps with engagement and stopping miscommunication when people can pick up on body language and visual cues. If your business has team members working remotely, or you are regularly holding meetings with employees on-the-go, make sure to get video conferencing with webcam features.  Your video conferencing software should support multiple webcams so that everyone can bee seen and heard during the meeting.

  1. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Communicating with your remote team should be as easy as connecting by phone or chat when your video conferencing tool is part of a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). When using video conferencing through VoIP, you are guaranteed seamless communicating. Participants can switch from voice calls to video calls or group meetings by the ease with a push of a button. There is no need to establish a new connection or pause communication to add participants.

  1. Chat Features

Your participants or team will get more out of there experience when they can interact through chat. This is why having a chat feature is very useful for your video conferencing needs. When looking for video conferencing software, search for chat capabilities that allow your team members to share messages, such as text and emojis, during the video conference meeting.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, video conferencing is becoming essential for companies because it helps with joining with people virtually through a face to face connections. For businesses, it can increase productivity amongst employees, improves ways of communication, and increase interactions with employees, colleagues, and clients. Indirect benefits of video conferencing include efficient meetings with non-verbal communications, and creating a stronger sense of community amount companies, contacts, and customers. Noticeable benefits for a business using video conferences include lowering travel costs and shortening project times through improved communications with team members. When looking for a video conferencing software to use, make sure to choose one with the four key features above.


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