40 SEO Tips from 3 SEO Masters – Infographic

SEO can be tricky, daunting and may even feel like a science.

Various people have various definitions but what is SEO? In short, it is a way to bring online traffic to your site naturally without having to pay for it. You don’t have to rely on your marketing plan or budget for this.

What is even better? SEO traffic is ongoing; day after day, unless of course Google makes one of their algorithm updates and you are negatively affected by it.

There are plenty of SEO tips on the blogosphere and they most often start with keywords in title, URL, body and so on. Don’t worry we are not going through the same boring basics. We have rounded some actionable quirky SEO tips – some are out of the box so do strap yourselves.

I hear you saying “who are these tips from, not another local SEO expert?” Nope, they are from the best SEO masterminds on the web – Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel and Brian Dean.

Are your SEO juices flowing yet?

Here you go without further delay: 40 SEO Tips from the Best SEO Minds – Infographic brought to you by YourEscapeFrom9to5.com

40 SEO Tips Infographic

40 SEO Tips from the Best SEO Minds – An Infographic from YourEscapeFrom9to5.com


Best Tip from Neil Patel:

  • Borrow an Awesome Infographic – You don’t always have to do the hard yards by creating an Infographic. You can simply borrow one, wrap it with your own introduction and conclusion. Market the Infographic post well and you may get more shares than the creator.

    Make sure you give credit with a link back to the original source!

Best Tip from Brian Dean:

  • Get links from Educational Institutions – OK this is a hard one, but well worth the effort. If you don’t ask you don’t get. Your content has to be awesome; good content is not going to cut it. I personally got an .edu link by using this technique. Edu links are traditionally page ranked very high. Check out this Infographic on link building strategies, after all SEO is all about link building.


Best Tip from Rand Fishkin:

  • Produce Your Own Images – We are not talking about professional images; something simple and custom made would do the job. An image with some text will also do the job. The benefit of doing this is, you can get more pins and people might want to link to your image.



This list of SEO tips are actionable, some are quick and some take time, some have higher link juice. Good luck with your search for engine optimization.

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