5 Alternatives to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Alternatives

Social Media Optimization is one of the most common methods for getting significant exposure for bloggers. Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Delicious are constantly sending large volumes of traffic to submissions that are the most popular with users.

An effective Social Media Marketing plan can help to take a blog from nowhere to being well-known in a short amount of time. However, social media isn’t a good fit for every blog, and not all bloggers choose to participate. For those who would rather draw traffic in other ways, there are some traffic sources that are capable of giving you the same type of exposure as a front page appearance on a major social media site.

In this post we’ll look at five ways that bloggers can quickly gain tremendous exposure without social media, and without paying for any advertising. Just like social media, these methods won’t be for everyone either, but you may find something that fits very well for your niche and for your audience.

1 – Get Mentioned by Google News

Google News obviously reaches an astronomical number of visitors each month. And as a result, the stories that are mentioned there and the sites that are linked receive a surge of traffic similar to what you might experience from social media. In fact, the audience that reads Google News is a much more diverse, well-rounded audience than that of most social media sites.

Getting mentioned in Google News is not easy, as you may have imagined, however, plenty of bloggers and website owners have been able to do so. Google News only indexes sites that are news-focused, so this will exclude a number of blogs. If you think your blog would be a good fit, they provide some advice and instructions for getting listed.

2 – Submit a Press Release

An effective press release with a significant story to share can also create a large number of visitors to your site and plenty of valuable exposure. In order for a press release to work for you there will need to be something truly newsworthy in the release. Modern online resources make submitting press releases so easy that most editors are flooded with them everyday. Those that have nothing exceptional to say will simply be ignored.

If your press release is able to catch the attention of some editors you could receive outstanding exposure from various types of media and you could get plenty of inbound links as a result. There are a number of services out there that will help you to create an optimized press release and submit it online for you. If you’re interested in writing your own press release, see How to Write a Great Press Release: A Sample Press Release Template.

3 – Get a Link from a Major Website

Websites and blogs that have huge audiences are capable of sending tons of traffic to any link that they mention. I had a situation a few months ago where one of my posts that was about 3 months old at the time got a mention and a link from Lifehacker. That post on Lifehacker sent thousands of visitors over a period of a few days, even though it was published on a weekend. That traffic from Lifehacker generated enough bookmarks that my post made it to the front page of Delicious that day, which wound up sending even more visitors.

Like the other methods of gaining exposure, this can take some work. If you have a post or a resource on your site that you think may be worthy of a mention, send an email to an editor to mention how it can be of use to their audience. Remember that these people get plenty of emails like this everyday, so respect their time and give them a reason to mention you.

4 – Write a Guest Post for a Major Blog

In my opinion, guest posts are the most under-appreciated method for growing a blog. Sure, there are a number of guest posts published everyday across the blogosphere, but if most bloggers realized how effective they can be, there would be 10 times as many being published.

Guest posts will typically include a very brief bio about you that includes a link to your website or blog. This link will not draw the same type of traffic as the other sources mentioned here. A guest post might only bring a fairly small number of visitors in comparison, but the effects in terms of subscribers can be very significant.

A guest post is an incredible opportunity to prove your worth to readers of a large blog that shares your target market. My blog Traffikd has seen its best days in terms of subscribing growth on the same days that guest posts were published at ProBlogger. While those posts may have only sent a few hundred visitors each, they accounted for a nice boost in new subscribers with each post.

5 – Get Listed in Web Design Galleries

Web design and CSS galleries can give your website or blog some amazing expsore and can send plenty of traffic. In order to get listed you’ll need a standout site (see Conor’s post 9 Design Styles to Get You Into CSS Galleries), but those who get listed in major galleries will see a big spike in traffic.

The visitors sent by CSS galleries may or may not be targeted, depending on your audience. Most of the visitors to these sites are designers and technically-savvy internet users or bloggers. If this is similar to your target market, this could be great exposure. If it’s not your target market the results will be limited, but you can at least get a bunch of quality inbound links. For a nice big list of galleries to submit you site to, see Inspiration Overload: 100 CSS Galleries You Need to Check Out.

This post was written by Steven Snell.

Steven Snell

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