5 Obvious Ways to Grow Your Startup Without Social Networks


There’s absolutely no way, in today’s plugged-in culture, to grow your startup without being active on social media, or is there? Do you have to be active on social media to grow your business and promote your brand? Maybe not.

There are some businesses, which by their very nature require a social media presence, but not all of them do. Then there is the simple fact that businesses have been successfully run without the use of social networks up until the last decade or so. The next obvious question is; why would you want to run a business without social media? The answers to that question vary. Some people simply do not want to fall into the time suck that is social media personally or professionally. Others don’t want to dedicate the time and resources. For some, they have simply done the research and found that their target customers simply are not interested in engaging with them on social networks. No matter what the reasons are, it is definitely possible to run a business without using social media. Here are 5 ways to do so.


  1. Using Direct Marketing Efforts

One of the goals of social media marketing is to collect names and addresses, and then develop relationships with the people behind those names and addresses. With direct marketing, you essentially do the same thing; you just avoid using social media to do so. Direct marketing can include email marketing, cold calling, mailers, and flyers. Don’t forget to include past customers in these efforts as well.


  1. Getting Business Through Referrals

Here’s a novel idea. Do you really good work. Then, when your customers are impressed, ask them to support you by recommending you to other people. This is a time-tested, proven way of growing a business that does not require your presence on any social media platform. You can also communicate with friends, friends of friends, and family members and let them know what your new venture is and ask them for referrals as well. You will be amazed at how much growth can happen as long as you keep customers happy enough to recommend you to their friends.


  1. Using Paid Advertising Through Multiple Channels

If you are willing and able to invest in it, paid advertising is another option that has proven effective for decades. If you are going to use paid advertising, consider going through multiple channels. This might include placing ads through Google, buying direct ad space on relevant websites, and advertising in online newspapers and trade publications. If you have potential customers who are local to you, it may also be a good idea to invest money in advertising locally via radio, television, and printed publications.


  1. Attend Trade Shows and Industry Expos

If you decide against a social media presence, you will have to meet potential customers in other places. Trade shows and expos are a great place to start. You can rent space, demonstrate your products, and connect with potential clients. You may also be able to establish relationships with other business owners. To make the most impact, invest money in professionally designed advertising slicks, signage, and brochures. You’ll want to stand out.


  1. Invest in a Powerful And Intuitive Website

If you decide to forgo a social media presence, your website will be the only way for you to connect with your customers online. This means it has to really deliver. The best way to do this is to bring in a professional designer to build your website for you. You’ll want to pay special attention to your home page, product descriptions, and company profile information. You’ll also want to invest in a secure e-commerce solution as well. Most importantly, provide customers with a means to contact you through your website.

Daniela McVicker

Daniela McVicker is an author, psychologist and educator. She believes that success depends on knowing the ideas that allow you to manage and master the universe of information. Currently Daniela provides master classes of public speaking, has got psychological practice in San Francisco and writes.