5 Study Tips and Tricks to Pass the CPA Exam in 2020

Everyone who wants to become a Certified Public Accountant or CPA, has to pass an exam administered by the American Institute of CPAs. Notoriously demanding and comprehensive, this test forces many to confront failure each year.

Fortunately, there are some great ways of improving the odds of passing the CPA exam, whether for a first-timer or someone who has already attempted it once. Take the following five tips and tricks to heart, and you will improve your chances of acing the CPA exam in 2020.

  1. Take a Class.

Some people attempt to prepare for the CPA exam on their own, but that rarely proves advisable. High-quality CPA Prep Classes are easy to sign up for, and many of them improve the passing rates for graduates significantly.

Signing up for and working through a formal class will ensure that you will not miss important material. Whether for the auditing section or questions concerning regulations, that will mean not skipping over the kinds of tough, technical subjects that cause so many to fail the exam each year.

Most would-be CPAs who take prep classes also find that the additional structure helps keep them on target. It generally takes many hours of study to become equipped to pass the exam, and taking a class will make it easier to stay on top of all that work.

  1. Identify and Focus on Your Weaknesses.

The CPA exam covers so much material that few can hope to master every subject area. Even so, having even a single glaring weakness can mean missing enough answers to fail a section instead of passing it.

Every person who takes the test also finds certain concepts easier to grasp than others. Being aware of the areas that are most likely to trip you up will allow you to allocate your study time more efficiently.

The best CPA exam prep classes include tools that help students identify such weaknesses. Even just working through some sample tests independently will provide information about where best to focus.

  1. Set Aside Enough Time.

One particularly common and frequently avoidable reason for failing the CPA exam is not devoting enough time to prepare. Students should expect to spend many hours studying for the exam, and that will almost always require starting long before the date of administration.

Taking a scheduled class will make it much easier to be sure of devoting enough time to exam preparation. Students who opt to prepare on their own always do well to develop and stick to detailed prep schedules.

  1. Make Every Moment Count.

Many students who ostensibly put plenty of hours into preparation end up wasting a lot of time when studying for the CPA exam. Distractions and daydreaming can turn many supposed hours of study into essentially worthless effort. Quality of preparation matters every bit as much as volume, a fact which hopeful CPAs ignore at their own test-related peril.

  1. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

It takes so much time and effort to prepare effectively for the CPA exam that many lose their motivation along the way. Remember that passing the CPA exam is one of the most important steps on the way to becoming a respected professional whose services are sought after by many.

Never a Need to Stress Out About the CPA Exam

Future test-takers who keep these tips in mind when preparing for the CPA exam tend to do quite well. While not everyone can pass the test on the first try, those who heed these five pieces of advice tend to have some of the best odds of all.


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