5 Ways Introverts can Get the Conversation Going on Social Media

Social media is the introverted public relations or marketing professional’s fantasy come to life. Being a person with a more quiet or naturally shy personality is not a bad thing in the world of marketing. Don’t attempt to utilize the same techniques more extroverted professionals typically choose to boost the sales of their product or service. Rather than attempting to fit a round peg in a square hole, don’t fight it! Embrace what you do best and utilize your unique skills as a rock star marketer online, even though you’re usually the quietest one in the room.

The following common traits of a typical introvert can work in the favor of the marketing or public relations specialist, especially online.

Be a Good Listener

Those of us not busy talking have plenty of time to get busy listening. Not only are those with introverted qualities more likely to be listening than talking, as it turns out, the introvert is a better listener than the average conversationalist. Social media offers a unique opportunity to listen to what customers and competitors are saying, and by “listen,” I mean read at your convenience. Take it all in, and you’ll be able to develop a marketing plan based upon what the customers want, rather than what the extrovert is telling the customers they want.

Typically, the introvert likes to keep everyone else talking. Follow suit online and pose a contentious question in the realm of your business on Facebook or Twitter to draw comments to which you can listen and use to develop a marketing plan.

Be Strongly Perceptive

Being the quiet one in a group of many throughout a lifetime will inevitably develop the introverts’ ability to pick up on unwritten subtexts and other intangible indicators. Make the most of the ability to read between the lines about what your target market wants and how to best put it in front of them. Notice what types of posts draw comments and which are relatively ignored. Is this related to the content, or does it have something to do with outside factors?

Build Stronger One-on-One Relationships

Rather than playing the role of a social butterfly and stopping to chat with many different people at any social gathering, the introvert will almost always spend a longer amount of time with just a few individuals. Social media can help to further expand and develop these relationships outside of the face-to-face line of conversation. Facebook allows you to work on building those relationships day and night, and therefore you have an infinitely greater chance of getting in front of the next big account.

Speak Concisely

Introverts will likely say what is on their minds quickly, concisely and to the point. Twitter may be just the right marketing tool for you. Squeezing a message into a maximum of 140 characters is more difficult than it may seem to be on the surface. Maximizing your ability to keep it short can definitely play in your favor here.

Get the Message Across Non-Verbally

Are you better visually or creatively than verbally expressive? Websites such as Pinterest and Instagram may be a better route for you. Visual marketing has always been an extremely powerful tool in the public relations game; some simply have a better knack for it than others. Play up your unique eye for graphics and set your company apart from the more wordy competitors.

Having an introverted personality in no way means that a marketing professional can’t be highly successful. Making the most of the marvelous qualities that make you an introvert will allow you to utilize tactics that most in your industry won’t likely employ. Being an introvert in your field could actually be your best marketing quality for yourself!

Michael Mayfair

Michael is a writer and personal trainer from New York. In his spare time, Michael enjoys golf. Above everything else though he's crazy about his family and a true dog lover.

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