50 Blogging Tips From the Pros – Infographic

The Story Behind the Creation of 50 Blogging Tips Infographic

One lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to pop into my favourite blog smartpassiveincome.com by Pat Flynn. Pat’s blog is full of treasures – the more you dig the more you find. Some easy to find and some hidden like an Easter Egg Hunt for kids. What I found on that day was life changing – I found ‘The Backlinking Strategy that Works’.

This post changed my life. I read it once, I read it twice and I skimmed through once more. Brian had given an example of how to create a WOW content. The example was to create ‘50 Blogging Tips’ from the experts. So I did some quick research with my favourite uncle Google and to my surprise no one had used his example. It was a ‘Eureka’ moment of triumph for me!

I kept scanning Brian’s article even more and something struck me again, this time it was the word ‘Infographic’. I did some quick research on what is an Infographic and was soon in love, literally at first sight. This is the story of how 50 Blogging Tips Infographic was created.


50 Blogging Tips from the Experts – An Infographic from YourEscapeFrom9to5.com


See my favourite tip from each of the experts below:

Tip from Pat Flynn

  • Build an Email List from Day One – The common regret among expert bloggers is not starting their mailing list early. So don’t make the same mistake and collect email addresses from the start.

Tip from Jeff Goins

  • Don’t Write for Word Count – Write 300 to 1,000 word articles. Only write as much as what you think is required and relevant. Don’t write long posts for the sake of it. Split the posts if it is longer than 1,500 words.

Tip from Amit Shaw

  • Keep Your Posts Clean of Promotion – Avoid self-promotion and posts with sales pitch. Focus on gaining and building viewership first.

Tip from Ana Hoffman

  • Create a Page with All Your Great Posts – Over time, you will have some great posts and they tend to get lost so why not create a page dedicated for the best stuff?

Tip from Corbett Barr

  • Create a Facebook Fan Page – Create a fan page so your followers can hang out. A fan page has more advantages than a personal page like building a brand, advertising and promotions.

The Moral of the 50 Blogging Tips Story

Learn from the experts and pay close attention to the examples they provide. Sometimes the gems are right in front of you and all that is left to you is to take action. You can create WOW content too and get backlinks from high authority sites – genuine ones, not black hat 🙂 It’s your turn now! Good luck.