6 Essential Tools and Appliances To Save a Busy Entrepreneur Time and Money at Home

How much time do you waste per day, per week and per month doing essential tasks around the home?

Here are some examples from my life.

For many years I didn’t own a dishwasher and wasted 100s of hours manually cleaning dishes.

Until recently I didn’t own a coffee machine. Each morning it took me 15 minutes to walk to the local coffee shop to get my morning fix.

As entrepreneurs we value our time. And since we can’t create more time we have to use the time we have more efficiently. Here are 6 tools and appliances to save you time and money around the home.

1. A Pressure Washer Will Make Cleaning Your Car, Driveway and Gutters Fun and Easy

A pressure washer is like a supercharged garden hose.

It has a pump and motor that work to speed up the water so it has more force to push dirt and grime off the surface you’re cleaning. The water coming out the small nozzle has 20 times the force of a garden hose but uses 5 times less water - you save time cleaning while saving money using less water. Sound pretty good doesn’t it?

Most people love using their pressure cleaner to clean their cars, make their driveway look new again and freshen up their wood decks for summer.

Depending on what surfaces you intend to clean the best pressure washer for your needs may be gas, electric, light-duty or heavy-duty. You first need to decide what surfaces you’ll be cleaning. For smaller jobs like car cleaning and small wood deck washing an electric Karcher brand pressure cleaner is popular option. For bigger driveway size jobs a gas machine is probably a more reliable option.

2. A Paper Shredder Will Make Safely Disposing Important Documents A Cinch

I don’t know if it’s necessary but I still manually rip up all my mail. Everything that connects my name and address I feel the need to rip it to shreds manually.

Do you throw out documents often?

A paper shredder may be for you. It sits on top of your garbage bin and pulls paper through the top, shredding it into the bin below. It gives you peace of mind and saves you time. It is an office must because you don’t want your old documents getting into the wrong hands and your identity or customers identity gets stolen. You can find affordable shredders at your local office supplies store.

3. A Smart Vacuum To Clean Your Home’s Floors While You Sleep

If you want to save maximum time you can either pay a person to clean your floors or you can buy a smart vacuum. Technology has improved to the point where you can leave the smart vacuum to clean your floors while you sleep. Here’s a video that shows how the LG brand smart vacuum works. Essentially, it has sensors and a memory that allows it to learn your home’s floor plan.

Now this is not a cheap bit of technology. You will be spending around $500 but I think its time saving benefit makes it worth the price. What do you think?

4. A Slow Cooker To Cook Your Meals While You Work

Growing up my mom loved using the slow cooker for our family of 5. She would put a roast, potatoes, carrots and celery in the slow cooker in the morning and it would have a delicious dinner ready in the evening.

A slow cooker cooks slowly, as the name suggests. It uses a low temperature of a long duration so you can rest easy knowing it is safe to leave unsupervised. Not only that but it saves you money because you can use the lower grade cuts of meat without worrying they will taste bad. The slow and long cooking makes every meat mouthwatering good.

The most popular slow cookers are around $100 and can easily fit enough food for a family of 5. Check them out on Amazon.

5. A Good Dishwasher To Clean Your Dishes AND Your Dish Drains, Range Hood Filters and More

I can definitively tell you that I save 3 hours a week now that I own a dishwasher. I put the purchase off for years because I thought the cost of the dishwasher and installation would be too much. But in reality, at around $700 for the dishwasher appliance and installation, it paid for itself in a few weeks.

A dishwasher can clean more than just your dishes too. You can clean your range hood filters and dish drains.

6. A Coffee Machine To Give You Amazing Coffee Without Fuss

Not all entrepreneurs are coffee drinkers. But if you are then a coffee machine is a no brainer.

Living in the city I spent 20 minutes each morning finding my morning fix of caffeine. I would head to ground floor then walk 10 minutes to my favorite cafe. Once my order was ready and I was back at home it was a fair amount of time I could have spent hitting inbox zero.

Now I own one of those Nespresso coffee pod machines and it takes me literally 1 minute each morning saving me 20 minutes at least. I don’t have a recommendation for best coffee machine but I definitely recommend you get one for the house.

Wrapping It Up

The tools and appliances listed above are just 6 of the many available to help you save time and money around the house. The ones above are my favorite and I wanted to share them. I hope you found the list helpful.



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