6 Help Desk Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you work at a help desk or in customer support, you have probably received a fair amount of training that is designed to help you do the best job possible. That being said, you might end up making mistakes without realizing it, and there are a number of reasons for this happening. It is important that you ascertain what these mistakes are so you can improve. Some common mistakes are provided below.

#1 Talking Too Much

There are a lot of reasons why you might talk too much. You might be feeling anxious on the call and are covering it up by talking as much as you can in order to fill the silence. Or you might feel like talking a lot would reassure the customer. However, it is actually going to have the exact opposite effect, because of the fact that it would prevent the customer from getting their message across. It is more important that you listen because this is obviously going to help your customers feel like they are being taken seriously.

#2 Overusing a Script

While a script is definitely going to be immensely useful in terms of helping you save time and allowing you to maximize your response time, it also can make you sound disingenuous. If you make it too obvious that you are reading from a script, you are going to end up making your customer feel like their complaint is not being addressed in the manner that it should be. This is going to result in a lot of wasted time because customers tend to go off on tangents when something like this occurs, and an inability to organically analyze situations can definitely help make things more efficient in the long run.

#3 Overly Long Wait Times

When a customer tells you what their complaint is, it is up to you to understand what they are saying and figure out a way to help them. However, sometimes there is going to be some kind of verification or the other that you are going to have to take part in, and for this, you are going to have to put the customer on hold. While this is an inevitable part of the job, you absolutely cannot let it affect your response times, you should get customers off hold as quickly as possible.

#4 Blaming Customers

There are going to be a number of different occasions where it is the customer who is at fault, but it is very important that you don’t put any blame on the customer for what is happening. This can make them feel like you are not going to handle what is happening to them, and that their complaint will not end up getting addressed in a manner that would be constructive. They might also end up getting frustrated and annoyed, and this could end up giving them a poor opinion of the company as a whole.

#5 Pretending to Know Something

If a customer asks a question and you don’t know the answer, it is absolutely essential that you don’t pretend to know something you don’t. The fact of the matter is that this sort of thing can end up alienating your customers and making them feel like you won’t be able to help them in any way. You should try your best to know the answers to the questions your customers may end up asking you, but if you are ever taken by surprise you need to acknowledge that you don’t quite know how to answer and will attempt to contact someone who does.

#6 Requiring Customers to Reiterate

If you make customers repeat themselves too many times, they are going to end up getting frustrated and might just hang up. Try using a customer support software like Kayako, this could potentially help you get the information down in one go without the customer being forced to say something time and time again in order for you to be able to help them. Kayako can help customers get their problems resolved without even having to get in touch with a CSR in the first place!


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