6 Ideas for Unmatched Office Security

There is often news about office break-ins, business thefts, and robberies at the workplace. Many of these incidents happen due to someone from inside colluding with the criminals. However, there are a lot of occasions when the reason is the imperfect security measures. Security is at the heart of a business facility as your office or workspace is inundated with crucial documents, expensive machines, and gadgets. Therefore, compromising on security is nothing less than jeopardizing the assets of your business. So as a business owner of a major business office, you unarguably have to ensure that the security of your office is unmatched with no loopholes. 

There are two ways to ensure the safety of your house: individual safety measures and a central security system. Central security systems are in place by the office, and individual safety measures are the responsibility of each employee. If you are in a similar predicament of ensuring the security of the office, here are some tips and ideas for securing the office from external and internal threats. 

     1) Keep Everything Locked

This aspect may look like a no-brainer, but this has become one of the leading causes of data loss, believing that your important docs are inside the office premises so nothing wrong can happen to them. In reality, most people lose their important data due to this avoidable issue. Lock everything when you leave the office for home or to run an errand outside the office. If you work in a separate cabin, make sure to lock the cabin door when leaving the office. 

     2) Centralized Intelligent Access system

Suppose that you own a storage facility; in that case, a centralized access control gates system should be in place that allows you to monitor the renter’s behavior and improve and streamline business operations. Such access control systems will enable the facility owners to watch various storage facilities from distant locations. Security of such storage units is even more critical as you are in the business of safekeeping of other’s belongings. So, if there is an issue with an internal security system, it could be a big question mark on the reliability of such a facility.  

     3) Label All The Office Equipment And Run A Periodic Audit

In an office, there is various equipment in use: computers, printers, laptops, and other electronic gadgets or furniture items. One of the ways to ensure that they don’t get misplaced is by labeling them with their unique serial numbers. Make a list of all the items in your office with their ID labels and keep it in your sight. This helps you with the yearly internal audit of office supplies done by the supplies and inventory department. 

You can also run your own internal audit to ensure you have all the equipment in your office before there is an office-wise audit and compare it to the original list of the items you have. Once a piece of equipment is assigned to an employee, make sure to add their name and take their signature. To reinforce the security, list all items with their IDs and get their acknowledgment on email too. 

     4) Install A Centralized CCTV System

This is imperative to the security of modern offices building with multiple departments and floors. Hire a professional team of security experts who keep an eye on what is happening in the building all day. Install cameras at crucial positions to ensure that all of the facility is covered; in case of theft, these CCTV cameras aid in finding the culprit. Ensure that cameras are installed in visible spots; they often act as a symbol of soft deterrence for someone planning the sabotaging activities. 

     5) Restricted Access To The Server Room

The server of an office building is a precious asset to the company as all your digital data is stored in those servers. Any harm coming to those servers is a threat to the critical data of the business. Therefore, restrict access to the server room. Only those who have passed the strict control and safety clearances should be allowed in the server room. You also have to be vigilant about the spying activities of your competitors and other business players of the industry from gaining access to crucial company data. 

     6) Purchase An Advanced Standard Safe

Your office building should have a few state-of-the-art safes and lockers that fulfill the highest standards of security. You should keep all the important documents in these lockers. Having more than one is prudent because it is always better to be extra careful about securing secret documents and precious artifacts. It is better that you don’t share the code with anyone. But if it is indispensable, only a few people should know about it.

The security of your office should be your paramount concern. You should have an initial orientation and training of your employees about the safety standards and company expectations. This way, they know their responsibilities to ensure the security of their belongings. Additionally, the management and business owners must also put a central security system bolstered by CCTV cameras and security personnel.

Rylie Holt