7 Benefits Of Using A Foam Roller

foam rollerIf you are still skeptical whether a foam roller is the piece of exercise equipment you need, you’d may have a change your mind after reading the many benefits of using a foam roller. In the beginning, many people thought these rollers would disappear pretty quickly and that it was just a fad…There are many benefits of using a foam roller

Foam rollers are gaining popularity both among people who exercise casually, as well as elite athletes.

The best point is, a good quality roller doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on equipment (all you need is a foam roller) and time set aside to get all of its great benefits. But first, let’s start with the basics.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Foam Rollers To Buy

What is the Mysterious “Myofascial Release”?

Many people avoid foam rollers because of the other name commonly associated with foam rolling – myofascial release. The truth is, myofascial release is a massage technique designed to eliminate pain and restore motion by applying pressure on soft tissues while pulling apart fascia, extending the range of motions and reducing pain.

Rolling Is Suitable For Every Age Group…

Foam rolling is one of the exercises that does exactly that. It’s perfect for anyone physically active and someone who is looking for a fun activity. And it is recommended especially for those who would like to increase their flexibility and range of motions.

Despite the funny name, foam rolling can be one of the best ways to break up, or relax and loosen tight muscles. A textured roller is one of the best ways to  get and work those uncomfortable trigger points. And, they are especially useful after a long time spent behind a desk, or after a hard and demanding training routine.

The rise in popularity has made information about the benefits of using a foam roller, the techniques and exercises widely available. All it takes is just a few minutes of research to find all the best exercises out there. But is it worth it? Take a look at the benefits.

1) The Benefits Of Using A Foam Roller: Helps You Recover Faster

Probably the most important benefit of myofascial release is a much faster recovery. It can rapidly accelerate the speed at which your body breaks down lactic acid which accumulates in your muscles during an exercise routine. You know if you have lactic acid build up: your muscles feels ore after exercise!

Break Down Lactic Acid Buildup

Because lactic acid is associated with sore muscles,  cramps and fatigue, frequent use of foam rollers leading to lactic acid reduction can help you extend the duration of each training session. Your muscles will be able to work longer and harder under pressure.

Actually, the reduced recovery time after each training session using a roller is probably the number one reason why professionals use them in the first place. This allows people to workout frequently and to extend their muscles during training even more.

2)  Prevent Future Injuries

The pressure which you apply to your muscles with the use of the roller and your own body-weight strengthens your muscles, loosening them and gives them much more durability.

In fact, it’s quite similar to massages all professional athletes utilize before and after competing . But, what if you don’t have any extra money for a qualified therapist? All you need is a foam roller, or The GRID Roller. And it’s definitely much cheaper to use it than to pay (and waste time) to recover from an injury.

3) Increase the Efficiency of Nutrient Exchange in Your Body.

Foam rolling increases and encourages your whole body functioning….

By applying constant pressure on your muscles, fascia, veins, and arteries, more oxygen is delivered through the blood to the most vital organs.

Because of that stimulation, more nutrients and waste products can be moved, which improves overall cellular function. The benefits of using a foam roller positively affects your everyday physical functioning, making you more rested and giving you much more energy. Because of the increased blood circulation, it has a positive influence on your cardiovascular system too.

4)  Benefits Of Using A Foam Roller: Increase Flexibility and Mobility.

flexibleBecause myofascial release works similar to stretching exercises, foam rollering loosens your fascia, increasing the elasticity of your muscles. This leads to greater flexibility and mobility of muscles and joints.

Moreover, your muscles have greater strength and endurance, allowing you to set higher goals in your training routines.

5) It’s a Great Way to Reduce Cellulite.

Great news for women. One of the benefits of using a foam roller is in helping improve blood circulation. This works to stimulate and stretch the connective tissue structure, leading to the reduction of cellulite in the lower limb regions, pelvis, and abdomen.

Moreover, the frequent use of foam rolling combined with a proper diet and exercise can prevent cellulite forming. Using a roller regularly keeps your skin and body healthy and attractive.

6) Easy Way to Stay Healthy and Recover After Long Hours at the Desk.

Do you have a desktop, self employed and you spend long hours sitting, glaring at the screen with your back and shoulders rolled forward? And do you feel as if many other muscles contracted?

The benefits of using a foam roller can be an excellent way to not only prevent further muscle contraction and bad posture, but actually help you recover from current damage.

Just 10 to 15 Minutes Per Day…

And the best news is, all you need is around 10 to 15 minutes a day of using a roller to experience the benefits of using a foam roller.


7) The Benefits Of Using A Foam Roller: One Can Save You Money!

Foam rolling is such a universal exercise. It can be a substitute for a physio therapy session should you have posture or mobility problems. A good quality roller can save you money on gym memberships, specialists visits or expensive exercise equipment.

Don’t Worry: You Won’t Bulk Up Muscles…

Of course, you won’t bulk muscle on a foam roller. You can build a healthy body with great flexibility and mobility for the cost of a relatively inexpensive roller and a few minutes spent every day exercising.

Since you already know the benefits of using a foam roller and frequent foam rolling, it’s time to help you choose the right roller. If you haven’t yet checked available options, you will notice that there are different models to choose from which slightly vary in the way they affect your body.

Foam Rollers – Which One Should You Choose?

The main difference between foam rollers is their density and size. You can choose between:

A Soft Foam Roller – This is the best choice for beginners as it gives much more comfort and is less painful to use (and people who are just starting out with stretching can find certain exercises very painful because of limited flexibility and mobility). Usually made of polyurethane, great for a gentle massage.

A Standard Density Roller – This choice is perfect for self-massage and everyday exercises. While not as firm as the next option on the list, it provides you with just enough hardness for a less-intense deep-tissue massage. Commonly used in Pilates and yoga.

A Firm Density Roller – A great choice for people who have already used other types of foam rollers or are highly active and exercise and stretch frequently.

Perfect to break up constricted fascia and penetrate muscles which are hard to get to with other rollers. It gives you most recovery benefits out of all the other foam types.

You Can Also Choose Between Different Length, Diameter, Texture, and Shape:

Small Muscle Roller – Perfect to access areas of your body which are hard to get to using full-sized rollers. Because of their size, they are perfect for those looking for something portable, for example, runner or cyclist who would like to use them on your muscles during a training routine.

Small-Diameter Roller – These are perfect for people who are using a roller as a part of physical therapy or elderly people who would like to work on their mobility. The small diameter allows them to be lower to the floor and provides greater stability while penetrating the muscles.

Different Textures – If you’re looking for a roller that can give you even more intense massage and penetration, some rollers come with textured ridges, or points which are designed to break up fascia where a typical roller can’t t access.

Half Roller – Sometimes  these rollers are literally half a roller. These are especially popular in certain yoga routines and for Pilates. They are useful for people who want to improve their balance.

Where To Get It?

With a relatively low price point and experiencing the stimulating benefits of using a foam roller, this exercise is one of the best options to keep your body healthy, toned and flexible on a day-to-day basis. One of the best places where you can get your own foam roller is Amazon.

The huge variety of different rollers available on the site guarantees that even the most demanding customers will find something to suit their needs.

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