9 Ways to Boost Your Google Search Ranking

Competition is tough for businesses in Miami, especially regarding online search rankings. More often than not, Miami businesses have to rely on a seo agency to be on the top Google search results.

The city of Miami is home to over 450,000 people and over 100 competitive SEO companies. So ranking high in Google would mean picking the best one for you.

Although a miami seo agency will do almost everything for your online presence, it’s important to know the basics to check your website quality standards.

Below are basic strategies that you need to double-check to make sure you appear on Google’s top results.

     1. Have a Defined Keyword List

You may not rank in all of your keyword choices, there is a huge possibility that you will top in at least one or two of your keyword picks. The idea is to imagine what you would type to find a business online.

Check the competition for your chosen keywords online. The keywords with a high volume of people searching with low competition should be the ones you gun for.

      2. Make Sure You Have Quality Content

There are many complex ways to improve your SEO ranking, but something fundamental you should follow is having quality content on your website. Google promotes content that’s interesting, unique, and captivating to readers.

Another way to strengthen your organic search is to have content that goes viral for all the right reasons, meaning your content is something new to readers and extremely valuable.

      3. Have One Page on a Specific Keyword

Having five different pages for the same keyword will confuse Google. So what you can do instead is fuse these pages into one page called the cornerstone page.

With a definite cornerstone page on a particular topic, your SEO becomes aligned, and you will rank higher in search engines.

      4. Have Important Keywords in Your Headlines

Use your keywords wisely by placing them in your page titles and early on in your text body. Then, focus on the keyword throughout your content.

Steer clear of sacrificing your whole article for the keyword. Your article should remain solid and high-quality. Do not overuse your keyword as it will disrupt your visitor’s reading experience. 

Make sure the keyword is used naturally within the article.

      5. Optimize Your Headings

Your title should match your content. After all, your title is the most prominent thing displayed by Google’s search engine results.

Keep your titles less than 65 characters. Your headings should be brief, to the point, and catchy.

You have the option to include your company name in your title or the first paragraph of your article.

      6. Create Meta Descriptions That Will Attract Readers

The Meta description is the explanation of the content of a web page. Although it’s not as important as the title, it will help your reader know what to expect with your content, making it essential as well.

For your Meta description, think of sentences that you can match with the words, “Learn more here…” or “Find out more….”

      7. Optimize Your Anchor Text

The anchor text is the words that a hyperlink displays when linking to a page. Create anchor text that describes your page.

      8. Optimize ALT Tags

An ALT tag is the element that shows up when an image cannot be rendered by the search engine yet. It’s one of Google’s signals for search rankings.

Create ALT tags that are descriptive and are related to your keywords.

     9. Create Readable URLs

Do not use URLs that are merely numbers and special characters. Keep slashes to a minimum and place the URL names close to your domain name.

Miami is a big city with lots of businesses competing for customers. That’s why it’s crucial to have professionals take care of your website’s online presence.

A miami seo agency will give you the ease and service you need to rank high in the local searches to improve your business earnings.

Rylie Holt