Adaloo Ad Network Review: What’s All the Buzz About?

What is Adaloo?

Adaloo is the latest advertising network to create a buzz in the online marketing space, and I’m not using the term create a buzz lightly. Although Adaloo has only officially launched just 2 months ago (November 20th, 2012), this PPC-based ad network has already built a network of websites that reach over 20 million visitors per month (and growing)!

After taking a closer look at Adaloo, it’s easy to see why it’s getting so popular so quickly.

What Does Adaloo Mean For You?

Adaloo Advertising NetworkAdaloo is a service for both publishers and advertisers, so whether you want to advertise a new product or service or monetize your website with simple, but effective advertising opportunities, you can use Adaloo.

Adaloo For Publishers

If you’re a website or blog owner and need a new source of monetization, Adaloo boasts a very simple process to get you started on the road to cashing in on your traffic.

What makes Adaloo stand out from the rest is that they have a system that not only finds the highest CPM yields for you, but also will automatically rotate in the next most profitable advertiser for you when campaigns or budgets end.

They eliminate the need to search for high performing ads and  handle the of process of pulling ads when they end or run out of money. Adaloo does it all of that for you.

So, if you’re looking for more of a hands-off type of approach, Adaloo is worth taking a look at.

Adaloo For Advertisers

Similar to the automated features for publishers, Adaloo has built-in time-savers for advertisers as well.
No more long hours struggling to narrow down profitable opportunities by dealing with thousands of keywords, ad groups, insertion orders, etc. Adaloo takes care of this for you, bringing the most valuable traffic to your site as possible.

Inside the Adaloo Ad Network

When I first went to the Adaloo website, I thought that maybe I had mistakenly landed on a review site or an affiliate blog because they are using a very generic WordPress set up as seen below:

Adaloo Advertising Network Homepage

I expected a more professional design, but at the same time, it was very easy to navigate and get to the information I wanted, so maybe that is what they were going for here.  However,  I still think they could add  a little more branding to the front end design.

Signing up to Adaloo was a breeze.

I was inside within a minute or two after filling out a simple form and was pleased to find an extremely user-friendly backend admin that is used for both advertisers and publishers alike (which is great if you’re both, like me!)

Here’s what the backend admin looks like:

Inside the Adaloo Ad Network


Inside Adaloo For Publishers

As you might have noticed in the screenshot above, Adaloo is super simple to navigate and it’s very clear what (and where) to click if you want to set up an ad campaign or sell ad space as a publisher.

Setting up an ad zone as a publisher was a VERY simple 3 step process:

Step 1:
Adaloo allows you to select from 4 different ad sizes for each zone in the drop down menu (i.e.; 72cx90 banner)

Adaloo Publisher Ad Zone Step One

Step 2:
You are then able to take your targeting a step further by choosing your market (from a pre-defined category selection in a drop down menu) and the demographic by using a slider to select gender and age.

Adaloo Publisher Ad Zone Step Two

Step 3:

Once you click save, you are taken to a new screen that gives you your ad code to copy and paste on your site, and that’s it!

After your zones are set up, you can then track them from the Publish Zones area (again, impressively simple)

Adaloo Publisher Zone Stats Display


Inside Adaloo For Advertisers

When you are setting up an ad campaign as an advertiser, you get a user-friendly experience similar to setting up publisher ad zones, except with more details required.

You still can target your ad based on market vertical and demographic, but you will also be adding extra criteria like countries, keywords, etc.

Once you are finished with those details, you are able upload your own banner image to accompany the ad.  Then, you add your landing page URL, and you’re done creating your ad details.

To complete your campaign though, of course, you will then need to add your PPC bid ($0.10 minimum) along with your daily budget ($10 minimum).

Adaloo Overall

This was my first look inside the Adaloo Ad Network, and I’m impressed with how simple it was to get started and how easy it was to manage my account. I can only assume it’s popularity is largely based on it’s combination of automation and simplicity.

Now, if this network  lives up to it’s claims and saves me time while I make more money, then continuing to use Adaloo will be a no-brainer.

What Has Been Your Experience Like With Adaloo?

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