Altresume : How to shake up Your Career with a New CV

In our professional life, it is best not to fall asleep for too long. Otherwise, life goes by, and we never get to arrive at the destination we had planned when we left school. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to move up the ladder. A well-crafted CV created with pre-designed templates on Altresume can help shake up your career and pursue new opportunities. Here are some tips to create a new CV that will help you to take your career in a new direction.

Create a Professional-Looking CV at

You may possess all the qualifications that companies in your field are looking for, but if they don’t get noticed by HR Directors and company owners, you will never be able to take the next step up. A professional CV is the first thing that you have to take care of, if you want those who are hiring to offer you a job interview. On, you can create an online CV that will stand out from the ones offered by other candidates, in no time at all. All you have to do is to find the pre-designed template that is right for you and insert your information in the space provided for each section. Within minutes you can download your new professional CV and start sending it out to companies where you would like to work.

Write a Strong Cover Letter with the Help of an AI on Altresume

To some directors in charge of hiring, the most important part of a CV is the cover letter. That is where they manage to distinguish those who can grow inside their walls to become an important piece of their puzzle, to others who will always remain in the dark. Making sure that your cover letter will strike at the heart of your reader is easier done by using an AI tool, these days. You can do so on the same platform where you will have created your CV, on Altresume, to give an additional boost to your skills and experience presented inside the document.

Focus on Transferable Skills

When you want to shake up your career, you have to be ready to shift its path by switching industry sector or taking on new responsibilities. To be able to do so, you need to focus on skills that are relevant to the new role you are interested in, on your CV. Highlighting your transferrable skills in your CV can help a potential employer to see how you can bring value to the new role and propel you to higher professional grounds rapidly. It is also suggested that you focus on results that you have achieved in your previous roles by indicating revenue targets you met, projects you completed and any awards you received. This is what potential employers look for: to know that you can make a significant contribution inside their company.

A professional CV created with the help of specialists at Altresume is the first step to shake up your career. Also, highlight your transferable skills and focus on your achievements. Finally, make sure that the cover letter will catch the attention of those who will read it.

Rylie Holt