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Ways Your Business Can Go Green

It is a common misconception that being sustainable means ineffective cost methods, for reusing even the simplest of items can give a business the environmental responsibility they need to uphold a positive reputation – regardless of size. A global survey previously identified that 53% of consumers would prefer to purchase products and services from a […]

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How to Turn Your Business Green

The world is fast reaching its physical limits with its current linear model of production, consumption and disposal. At our current rate of expansion, it is estimated that by 2050 we will need three worlds worth of resources to fulfil the population’s needs. However, although many people are aware of this, very few have made […]

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The IoT for SME Efficiency

In the first couple of months of 2016, we have seen many business owners still resisting the push towards moving towards the incorporation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices into their company. Yet, according to a cyber security study done by McAfee, the network of devices that the IoT is comprised of is set to […]

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The Pros and Cons of an Open Office

It goes without saying that the best-designed offices will be the most productive, and companies have long strived to create working spaces that maximize output through employee collaboration. It has become increasingly popular for organisations to do away with traditional set-ups – where offices are private, closed off domains – instead favoring an open-plan design, […]

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Revolutionise the Dreaded Conference Call

Dreading that meeting? Then make a call  At 10am (GMT) on Thursday the 16th July 2015 Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Dutch leader of the Eurozone confirmed a bail out for financially unstable Greece. The decision to offer a bridging loan of £5 billion was discussed via a conference call between Greece ministers and the Eurozone which includes […]

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Expenses – are they worth the time?

Keeping an eye on the accounts is an essential skill of any business owner. This is even more pertinent to small businesses, who don’t necessarily have the capability to employ someone specifically to deal with this or to outsource such functions. And while sole traders and small businesses can often save themselves tax by employing […]

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