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Brooke Collins is a mother of 2 and loves being a full-time homemaker. She spends a lot of her time researching quality products to add to their home and enjoys sharing this knowledge with others.

10 Exercises for Busy Entrepreneurs

Getting seriously fit in the middle of a busy work week can be a challenge. With all the meetings, deadlines, and projects entrepreneurs go through everyday, it is inevitable to just forget that you’ve got to go and exercise! In a research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 80 percent of […]

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9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas

Starting a business from scratch is one of the hardest things you can do. It takes lots of discipline, trial and error to build something successful enough to provide for you and your family. Be realistic with crafting any idea, as it will determine the journey you undertake. One of the biggest components to this is […]

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7 Steps to Developing Good Habits

Developing good habits is great for creating a discipline that makes you a more productive person. Some sacrifices will have to be made in order to get moving in the right direction. Truth be told, we are creatures of habit, as we easily become comfortable with doing things the same way each day. Unfortunately, many of […]

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How Successful People Work Less and Get More Done

Spending more of your time working doesn’t always mean you’ll be successful. The key to being a successful person is not working more, but working less and working smarter. Accomplishing your professional dreams and having time for fun, family, and friends can seem like an impossibility. A 2015 CNN survey showed that Americans who were employed […]

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10 Awesome Affiliate Programs in 2016

For those of who make our living online, we all need a little bit of help reaching the audience of billions that makes up the internet. Affiliate networks help us do just that and much more. They allow digital publishers from all over the World to identify and access programs that will help their website grow, […]

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Top 7 NoMad Destinations in 2016

The only real way to experience a place is to immerse yourself in it. Working and living in a specific destination allows you to truly experience the culture, people, food and traditions. The world has so many great places to explore that it’s a shame that most people settle down and never broaden their horizons. Much more […]

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