10 Awesome Blog Ideas for Starting a Successful Blog

To write a blog, besides finding a really cool name for the website, its main topics need to cause an impact on people's life, be entertaining, something that I really enjoy and that I know a lot about, interesting, meaningful, hot, trendy… Oh my god! The list of requisites seems to be endless!! And, on top of that, it is crucial that there is still “space” to write about these blog topics, without simply repeating the same content already extensively covered by a number of other websites.

Many experts try to give some hope and affirm there is always market to talk about the three most popular blog topics: health, money and relationships. However, Google takes a few centiseconds to make all our hope go away, showing millions of really well positioned blog results for each one of these categories as well.

So, does it mean that nowadays we cannot create a brand new cool blog that generates a lot of traffic? Of course not! People come up with successful things to blog about everyday! It just means we will need to be somewhat more creative when defining what to write a blog about, leaving behind more standard recommendations.

To give you a hand with this challenge, I have put together 10 great blog ideas as a very good kickstarter to contribute to the success of your website. Each one of the headlines below also describes the concepts behind these ideas, so that you can try and adapt them to your own focus, level of knowledge or target market.

1. Blogging About Healthy Fast-Foods

Fast foods are usually related to unhealthy meals, normally consumed by people who do not have time to dedicate to a heathier life style. Indeed, all the environment surrounding fast foods supports quickly satiating craving without much health concerns (quickly prepared deep fried food combined with king size soft drinks). Today, the term fast-food is also used in other areas not directly related to food, when someone wants to give a negative connotation.

But, what about a blog that breaks this “quick and dirty” link and shows solutions for much healthier but still fast meals? Replacing hamburgers with avocado sandwiches, having an orange juice instead of a soft drink, substituting that chocolate cake by a fruit salad... so, easy and real world solutions for those who would like to give a first step towards a healthier life style, but have no time to waste.

Expanding its scope a little bit, what about articles showing how to exercise during regular daily activities? Or how to optimize the time at the office so that people have some time to go to the gym? Tips for a better posture while at the office? Posts with real stories of people who became healthier by using some of your hints would also reinforce your positioning and effectiveness.

blog ideas

The magic here is not really related to posts about exercises or meals (you know there are plenty of other blogs already covering these topics!), but mainly about combining two apparently contradictory terms: healthy and fast foods. That is what makes this blog idea really differential!

Likewise, there are almost endless other intriguing matches to be made to find really good blog topics, such as nerd and fitness, industrial and homemade, expert and dummies, sustainable and waste… that will not only attract a lot of attention to your website, but also reinforce the uniqueness of your blog content.        

2. Blogging About Crazy Fan Things

Spending all your savings to follow Rihanna all over her world tour, watching all Star Wars episodes 250 times each, writing a 10,000 page love letter to Justin Bieber, staying 5 days and 5 nights on the queue to watch Lady Gaga or buying all the Miley Cyrus DVDs available in the main Barnes & Noble store... It seems like fans are capable of doing anything to prove they are THE #1 FAN! The most extreme experience, the better to impress and call the attention of their idols!

Lots of people have this need to expose their adoration for the artists and celebrities they like, and would be eager to contribute to your blog with tons of detailed content about the challenges they had to overcome just to get closer to their idols.

It is also true that hardly this blog will have the same traffic as each one of the official artists' websites and social media; but, its differential is giving voice to the fans, as an open channel to tell the world about their achievements and craziest things ever done. And, how much traffic could a contest among different fan clubs generate? Or a session with the best selfies with idols?

It is important to note that this blog topic is actually much bigger than just celebrities' fans, as the same concept would also apply to several other enthusiastic social groups, such as football team supporters, film geeks and, more recently, even Pokemon chasers.

3. Blogging About Self-Defense for People who Work at Home

If the self defence market is already well covered by thousands of other blogs, what about segmenting and customising the content of your website for househusbands or housewives? Speaking their language, attending their specific needs and adapting your text and illustrations to the reality of your target market could be a huge differentiation factor for your website!

So, showing how to use regular objects that anyone has at home for self-defence, illustrating basic security measures to keep your kids safe in case of invaders and providing hints about how to let your neighbors know in case of an emergency could be good examples of very useful articles for any person who spend most of their time alone at home.

Similar concepts would apply for many other ideas for a blog, such as gardening for very limited time business people, first aid techniques for under 12 year old kids or public speaking for entrepreneurs. Any kind of segmentation that would allow you to get to a much more specific market would be really valid. And remember: it is much better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.

4. Narrating Your Own Challenges

Have you got any challenges in mind? Outstanding goals you would like to achieve? A long bucket list or simply a few life experiences you would like to have? So, why not having lots of people to cheer and support you in your journey?

blog ideas

Gaining muscles, finding a new boyfriend/girlfriend, becoming a professional skydiver, preparing your wedding, living a life without any debts, moving to a new job, becoming a professional singer, … The topics are infinite and depend pretty much on your personal will! So, if you have the courage to become the protagonist of your own reality show, this focus would be perfect for you, no matter which challenge(s) you choose.

Much more than a simple blog, this focus would convert each one of your articles into episodes of your odyssey! People would be eager to see how you advance, celebrating your victories and giving you comfort with some missteps you may have in your long way.

5. Blogging About the Next Episodes

Wondering about how the continuation of Lord of the Rings should be? How will the next episode of Star Wars reveal Rey's Jedi secret? What will happen in the next season of Grey's Anatomy? Who is the next one to be killed in Game of Thrones? What has happened to Harry Potter now that he has grown up? While there are millions of ideas for blogs about these great successes, none of them actually give people the opportunity to write their own version of the next episodes.

People simply love to take part in things they really enjoy, not only as a spectator, but also helping define the next steps in the plot! They spend hours speculating about the future of their favourite characters! They would like to either brag about being able to predict what would happen in the next season of their favourite TV series, or to be even more surprised by the author who was able to come up with a completely unexpected continuation.

blog ideas

Just these conjectures and discussions about the next episodes or chapters would already provide you content for hundreds and hundreds of articles. But, after getting some traction, this blog could also be the perfect place for many other initiatives, such as developing a contest among its readers to see who can come up with the best continuation for Back To The Future!

It is important to note that there is a very important aspect that would significantly contribute to the potential and growth of your blog: surfing in the wave of all the hype and huge marketing investments of these great productions. So, besides Netflix series, film production and best-selling books, to which other media channels, famous brands, social clubs, big corporations you could apply this same concept to help your blog getting significant traction?

6. Blogging About Paradoxical Hypothesis

With the sole purpose of attract traffic, some blogs normally make quite bold and disputable statements about polemical topics, believing that “a bad reputation is better than no reputation at all”. However, what could eventually have been a fair strategy some time ago, has been proved to be ineffective, antiquated and quite risky today, attracting much more haters than fans or frequent readers.

In a world so full of contradictions, a much more interesting way to foster discussion and bring a lot of traction to your blog is to challenge the current status quo and write about some hypothesis that would be completely paradoxical in the absurd world where we live.

So, articles about:

  • A society in which physicians and teachers earn more than football players;
  • Big corporations focused on preserving nature, while minor NGOs protesting for urban development;
  • Rich people willing to pay higher taxes, and its consequences;
  • Adults being taught about the world by their children's perspectives;
  • Animals allowed to hunt down people during hunting seasons;

would be endless sources of fruitful discussions and philosophical insights, that would definitely bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

7. Blogging About Your Professional Networks

If you are part of any professional network, be it a doctors association, taxi drivers union or even the teachers board in your school, you could have an easy and invaluable source of what to write about in a blog.

Interviewing your own colleagues to get their first hand perspectives about their jobs, writing anecdotes related to your professions, reviewing tools to support your daily activities, career orientation tips for those teenagers who would like to follow your steps, discussing trends in the sector... there is such a significant number of topics that could be covered by your website! And, if done correctly, it is a question of time for having new professionals you do not know yet joining your blog, sending you content and asking you to have their comments and interviews posted as well.

The trick in this case is pure simplicity. Why looking for complex and challenging topics to talk about, when your own reality could be such a rich source of ideas? Which other aspects of your neighbors, family, school, lifestyle, mindset could unveil interest in spite of its simplicity? Who else do you believe share these aspects with you and would be willing to support you with your content?

8. Blogging About Experimenting New Things

How does it feel to be an amateur chef? Or to become a tango dancer? Or to stay in a luxury hotel? Or to be vegan for a month?

All these ideas and many others would be great posts for your blog about new experiences. In many cases, people are really curious about trying something completely new, but for whatever reason are just stuck and tied to their normal lives.

So, your blog would be the answer for all those people, explaining with texts, videos and photos your new experiences, motivating some of them to take action and pursuit a much more fulfilling life or simply entertaining them with the several episodes of your quite intense experiences.

9. Blogging About Pregnancy for Men

While pregnancy is something intrinsically related to women, it is also true that men play a fundamental part not only on the baby conception, but also on all the support that the mother-to-be may need during these 9 months. But how can a man get prepared for this important challenge of becoming a father (or behaving like a proper one) even before the baby is born?

blog ideas

While there are thousands of blogs for women about this topic, there are only a few examples of sources for men who would like to learn further about pregnancy. So, how can I support my wife during pregnancy? Is it normal she is so exhausted and in such a bad mood? What should I do when the baby seems to be about to come? How can I record the best moments of my wife's pregnancy? All these questions must be answered by a blog really focused on men's needs, doubts and anxieties.

Just like the example of pregnancy for men, many other untapped markets can be discovered by moving out of the usual focus given to some topics. So, what a blog with female product brand reviews focused on men, who have a hard time identifying the exact colour of the lipstick used by their wives, or understanding the utility of so many hair products?

10. Blogging About the 100-Year-Old Life

It is not a surprise that we are living each time longer; indeed, every 10 years, life expectancy increases by 3 years! But what many people have just realised is that we are living not only longer, but also much better!

Some time ago, elderly life used to be a synonym of sickness, loneliness, pills and intense care. Therefore, I am not surprised that most blogs dedicated to great ages are really focused on these topics. But what happens when this situation changes?

It is each time more common that people get to 90-95 (or even 100!!) years old with a very good mental health and lots of energy to spare, enjoying life with their friends in many kinds of activities like dancing, practicing sports, going out... So, what about giving a twist in the blogs focused on elderly people? Instead of talking about elderly care services and device to control blood pressure, it would be much better to focus on tailor-made trips for elderly people, hints for exercising and even suggestions of restaurants for a romantic dinner.

So, just like elderly life, which other subjects have passed by critical changes that may require repositioning their websites' content? That is where great ideas and big opportunities lie for your blog!

In Conclusion...

It seems there is no more struggle when trying to find what to blog about. No matter whether you are creating a personal blog or a business website, the ideas are endless!!! Besides analyzing these still to be explored ideas above, just try expanding their scope and concepts to get to an exponential number of other awesome things to blog about!


Marcus Pequeno