How bespoke software can improve the process flow in your company


Does your organization have the right software to help it reach its end goals? You might be surprised as to how a normal software can create redundancies within the workforce, and waste up a considerable portion of work time. Without the right software for your employees designed to suit organizational needs, you’d be losing out to your competitors. This is where a Bespoke or custom made software can help, keeping in mind the specific needs of your company and what you seek to achieve from the software at the same time.

How does it differ from any other off –the-shelf software?

Any off-the-shelf software comes with restrictions that can prohibit you from reaching your full productivity value. Also, since they don’t specifically cater to your business, expect to have significant features missing that you would want. This is where a bespoke software can help. Designed to address the specific needs of the company, it helps increase your productivity and enables you to access software quickly.

For instance, accounting firms can follow different accounting methods. If the firm handles only stock broking business’ accounting needs, their needs would be categorically distinct from any off-the-shelf software that they can find. Bespoke software will provide the customization that is necessary for such a unique business.

How Is Bespoke Software Different?

When designing bespoke software, developers take into account the different aspects of the business. This includes looking into everything from research and development to marketing and engineering.

For instance, large companies use bespoke software for content management, human resource management or inventory control. Bespoke software has slowly been gaining a foothold in the market.

Having tailor made software is of particular benefit to large scale companies who have specific needs that demand change and ability to adapt.

Benefits of bespoke software

For one, you get a solution for different business challenges and requirements – whether it is a need faced by everyone in your line of business or it is an issue unique to your company.

There will be no additional bloatware or features that you have no use of. Instead, you’ll get software that helps you do exactly what you need, and enables you to improve productivity, enhance collaboration within teams and increase your resources. In many ways, it also helps to consolidate the business processes already existing.

There are some other advantages as well.

–    Automate any processes that you have been doing manually up till now. This will bring all your data together and allows you more data for a more accurate analysis as well as increases efficiency.

–    Significantly lower workload on tasks that can be done automatically instead of assigning a manual employee to it.

–    Easier to monitor and analyze business trends. It will help you compete with other companies better, and no off-the-rack software can provide this level of utility.As of 2013, package software spending stood at 25.8%, according to ComputerWorld.

–    Business data is easier to understand. This is because since the software is custom made for you, it specifically includes the know-how of your business.

–    You control the development of the software according to your needs. You do not have to wait for upgrades to come out for a long duration or install updates that add no value to you.

How Does bespoke software help the process flow?

Integration is the key word through which bespoke software helps your process flow. Once the bespoke software is up and ready, it is integrated with the already existing IT system of the company. There will be real-time data flow between all your systems, allowing you to make better decisions and draw more comprehensive analysis.

Bespoke software can help companies achieve its end-level objectives companies quickly. You can have two printing business aiming for different things. One of them may focus on giving the fastest response while the other may focus on a high-quality end result. Bespoke software will help them achieve their ends, and an off-the-shelf software may not be up for the task.

Beata Green

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