What Makes the Best Blog Names?

Best Blog Names

So you’ve decided to become a blogger.

Welcome to a whole new world where you will be able to share your thoughts on just about anything with just about anyone.

However, before you start posting those amazing blog posts, you need to consider something very important to the long term success of your online identity – like many of the best names for blogs it should be catchy, creative and easy to remember.

But how do you create a blog name like this?
Follow our steps outlined here to make that happen.

Catchy Blog Names Versus Website Names

There is a huge difference between a name that will work for a website and one that will be perfect for a blog site.

Typically websites that are designed for business or specific purposes tend to use business names or keywords as part of their domain names.

It is a common practice to use keyword rich domain names on these kinds of websites as part of the goal is to receive traffic in response to keyword searches.

Having keyword rich domains is not as important as it used to be, and on top of this, bloggers are a completely different breed. They are not bound by such concerns. As the average blogger is far from mainstream, they create their unique brand or online identity and part of that comes from the name chosen for their blog.

This also means that pushing the envelope is rather common in the Blogosphere (world of bloggers). In other words, a name that could be troublesome for mainstream business websites or other niche sites is perfectly acceptable for blogging.

Tap Into Your Blog’s Theme

The best blog names come from a completely different place than website names. Where websites are typically launched to sell a product or service, a blog will typically have a specific tone or theme.

This is where you should be looking to create your online identity which will assist in creating your blog brand. For example, if your blog is about politics, look to names like PoliticalRant or IHatePoliticians (for example) as a starting point.

Once you have your theme, you can start creating a number of creative blog names. This is where it gets a little tricky because the length of the name you use to identify your blog should not be too long. The whole point of keeping your blog name as short as possible is because it often makes it easier to remember.

This is actually where the old rule of thumb for naming websites can have a large impact in creating great blog names. While the “shorter is best” rule is generally what you should aim for, probably of more importance is making it catchy and memorable (and easy to spell).

Good Blog Names Have One, Two or Three Words

Here’s where you get to be creative. With your selected theme and potential list of blog names, it’s time to condense what you have into as few words as possible. This is also where the ‘catchy’ name part comes from.

So, in our example of PoliticalRant, one way to give it an edgier hook would be to shorten it to something like PoliRant. If you are not as creative, an online blog name generator tool can help get your creative juices flowing.

Because bloggers are highly creative and habitually develop their own brands, a blog named PoliRant would work well in the blogging culture although it would very likely not be very successful as a business website domain name.

This is the angle you are looking for when trying to come up with good names for a blog. Short and catchy is best but there is one more step to complete before launching your blog site.

Choosing the Best Domain Name

Catchy Blog Names

As bloggers are not generally bound by the constraints of a typical website, this also extends into the territory of domain names.

Often, because you may have chosen something slightly edgy and a little out of the ordinary, you may get lucky and be able to land a .com.

However, with pretty much all of the more popular short and catchy word possibilities already taken as a .com domain, there are other options.

Good names for blogs can be enhanced with one of the many different TLDs available and in recent years that includes a collection of ‘vanity’ ones. The various brand possibilities from PoliRant.net and PoliRant.ninja to PoliRant.rocks and PoliRant.club mean that you can actually pull the TLD into your theme.

Final Thoughts on Good Blog Titles

When you are working on naming your blog you have to think outside of the box.

Meaning developing a theme for your posts and online identity that you can attach a catchy and easy to remember name to.

In order to be effective, it has to be simple enough to not be misspelt and not too wordy to be easily remembered.

Once you find the right name for your blog, you will want to register the domain name to match.

It takes a bit of work to find one of the best blog names, but well worth the effort.