9 High Quality Infographic Submission Sites To Submit Infographics

You’ve taken the time to research, write and design an awesome infographic. You want to share it with the entire world, but posting it on your site alone only brings it to the attention of your followers. So where do you go to put your infographic in the spotlight?

There are many different places where you can post your infographics for the world to see and admire. Some are generic image-sharing websites, others are devoted entirely to collecting and sharing infographics. You might even be able to get some of the blogs you love to share your infographic if it’s relevant to their audience.

Try submitting your infographics to these sites:

  1. Visual.ly

This website allows you to create, submit and even sell infographics and other marketing materials. It also features a variety of analytical tools that will help you understand the reach of each new image.

  1. Fast Company

One of the most trusted web news sources, Fast Company has an Infographic of the Day section you can submit to. They do receive dozens of submissions every day so there’s no guarantee your infographics will be featured, but if it is your content will reach hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

  1. InfographixDirectory.com

InfographixDirectory.com offers both a free and paid submission service. The submission requirements ask for a 200 word description to go along with your infographic and if you do take the time to submit a well-written description of your infographic, you’ll most likely get published.

  1. Love Infographics

Love Infographics prides themselves on collecting the most beautiful infographics around. The site is specifically designed for business owners to publish and share their infographics.

  1. Infographaholic

One of the most popular infographic sites out there, Infographaholic features infographics on a wide range of topics and allows you to filter what you see based on those topics. They only publish infographics that are 500px wide.

  1. Daily Infographic

As the name suggests, this website publishes a different infographic every day. They aren’t as old as some of the other sites on this list but they have amassed a large following and every infographic gets at least a couple thousand views. Like Fast Company, they do receive dozens of submissions every day, so your submission doesn’t guarantee anything, but if you can get on their site it will be a massive boost to your business.

  1. Cool Infographics

Cool Infographics shares infographics that tell a story about an interesting topic. The wider appeal the topic has, the more likely it is that your infographic will be featured, allowing you to reach their 7,000 daily visitors.

  1. Infographic Database

Infographic Database is an infographic submission site that offers  low-cost infographic submission and promotes your submission via their extensive social media profiles. This is a high-quality submission site and one to certainly place on your must-post list.

  1. RateMyInfographic.com

An infographic submission site with a unique twist – visitors can rate the infographics they come across. RateMyInfographic.com offers low-cost submissions and are a perfect way to boost your SEO and online awareness efforts.

By sharing your infographics on these websites you can put them in front of thousands or even millions of new people eager to learn about you and your business. If you’ve worked hard to create something awesome, don’t be afraid to submit it!