What Are The Best Luggage Brands?

best luggage brands

When you’re forced to travel for business, you want to ensure that you have luggage that is just as professional as you!

It’s imperative to choose luggage that is going to be durable, lightweight and easy to transport! Of course, there are many brands on the market and not all of them are equal! What are the best brands of luggage and how do you choose between each?

Within this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about choosing the best business luggage for you!

Things to Know

Before you begin browsing for the top luggage brands, it is best to know exactly what you need! Whether you’re heading to one of the great bachelor party destinations or have to travel for business, you should know exactly how you’re going to be traveling.

Remember that specific airlines have restrictions on their carry-on suitcases. At the same time, traveling by cruise ship requires something a little skinnier and more rigid. Knowing this information will ensure that you’ll be able to carry your luggage with you, regardless of your destination.

Of course, it is vital to remember that you’re not going to be traveling at all times. Instead, you’re going to have downtime and your luggage will need to be stored out of the way. How hard will this be and will you have sufficient room? Remember that a hard-shelled luggage tends to be a little harder to store, since it will not collapse down.

Finally, you should consider the specific size of suitcase you need! Be sure to browse around and choose one that will carry all of your belongings easily.

Below, you will be able to find a breakdown of some of the best brands on the market! Be sure to consider their performance, history and reputation, before making your purchase.


Samsonite Luggage


The Samsonite brand is a well-known name in the world of luggage, since the company was developed in 1910. They continue to hold the same high rated reputation today and that is why you need to keep the Samsonite on your list of prospects. If you are concerned about style and fashion, you will definitely find a limitless selection of bags, suitcases, laptop cases, and travel accessories to select from.

Samsonite is the one of the best brands on today’s market. One particular collection that is very popular among entrepreneurs and all business personnel is the Winfield 2. The exterior construction is developed out of 100% polycarbonate, which is highly durable and everyone knows how important this feature is, because luggage can definitely take a lot of abuse, when they are stored in airplane luggage departments.

With an array of zippers, pockets, and compartments, you will be able to keep your professional attire pressed and neat, without them being tossed all over the place. The TSA lock is conveniently located on top of the luggage, so you can easily lock/unlock it without difficulty. The oversized zipper design will definitely suit any male’s body stature and hand size. No more fidgeting to get your suitcases open, which will save your time and energy.

The 10-year limited warranty will make the price tag even friendlier, because you will be ensured that you are protected, while you are traveling with Samsonite. You will have several different colors to select from including charcoal, orange, and purple. This will allow you to customize your luggage according your profession, personality, or both.

The 360 degree swivel wheels and handle will offer you an easy way to transport your luggage from your vehicle to the airport or motel, without exerting too much energy and straining your back. Samsonite works diligently developing luggage styles, designs, and colors, so that you will feel confident, when you are traveling with all of their products. With all of the information above, you can see why Samsonite is one of the very best luggage brands.

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Tumi is definitely one of the best brands, which caters to the specific needs of travelers and entrepreneurs. Their suitcases are sold in over two hundred individual stores across the globe. Whether you’re attempting to find a very durable carry-on suitcase, or want something a little more stylish, you’ll most certainly be able to find it with Tumi, which has an assortment of different products to choose from.

Of course, Tumi is one of the best luggage brands for a variety of various reasons. Sure, their products are durable, stylish and reliable, but their customer service is also very impressive. Whether you’re a businessman or businesswoman, you’ll be able to find a suitable suitcase for your individual needs with this specific company, which has been selling excellent products since 1975. If you want a bag that can be carried on your back, or one that will roll around effortlessly, you’ll be able to find it, with Tumi. Take the time to scour through their selection, as it will be well worth your time!

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Timberland might not be the most well-known luggage brand, since they’re best known for their outdoor wear and boots. However, the company is quickly becoming one of the best luggage brands. The company has been in business since 1973 and has recently started tailoring to the needs of businessmen and women, with their excellent suitcases and luggage.

The brand is responsible for some excellent carry-on bags, which are fitted with in-line skate wheels. This is quickly establishing them as one of the best luggage brands. This type of convenience will ensure that your clothes, documents and important paperwork make it to your destination with ease! Their products are very lightweight and can be carried or rolled around fairly easily. Many of their suitcases are designed with convenient pockets that will ensure you have plenty of room for all of your important items. They’re available in an assortment of different color schemes to suit your fancy, as well!

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Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, there are a handful of companies, which could very well be one of the best brands. They offer an assortment of different products and it is best to know exactly what you want, before you begin shopping around. By doing so, you will be able to guarantee that you find the right luggage for your individualized needs!


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