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A complete figure shapewear is the only thing required to complete your looks; this is from the denim jeans to your darling pencil skirt and even that special black dress. However, how do you choose the best body shaper for plus size to complete your look? The best shapewear for plus size is like smoothening every lump in your body with an iron box, which is what the best waist shapers of 2016 actually do.

It is much more like Photoshop for your breathing, living, and that three-dimensional body. It works so marvelously that even the stars wear shapewear on the red carpet. I am not trying to overlook it, but we are talking about the clandestine that made Sara Blakely, Spanx founder, the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire.

There is a variety of plus size shapewear which feels and looks excellent and can go with your figure but not all are the best plus size shapewear to rock your looks. If you are the type of woman who does not care for shapewear, then this article is not for you. It is for the women who have been looking for options, styles and brands that gratify to the plus size woman. Not only will we cover the best types, but also uncover the coverage that will work for you and how to spot and shop for it.

Tips when Looking for the Best Plus Size Body Shaper

If you want to locate and buy the best plus size shapewear for your body needs, then you should keep these tips handy:

Know the Degree of Control You Prefer

Firm shapewear is able to “correct” your figure, while Light smoothes your curves out. Understanding the level will aid your exceptions and help you from passing out because you are unable to breathe.

Know your Precise Measurement

Manufacturers will have their measurement chart, make sure to go through it and check it twice. If you know your height, this will help you in selecting the best garment for your size and shape. I know this may sound awkward, but choosing a smaller size will never work. It might work for a few seconds, but afterward, you are unable to breathe, in some situations the shapewear might even fall apart and roll down just after you have worn it leaving you in the same square.

Know the Body Part You Want to Show Off

Much of the time we purchase shapewear thinking it will work for all the areas we want to manage. However, this is not always the case. Rocking a shaper slip may not give you the right coverage degree you want, especially what you are aiming to achieve. Consequently, dressed in a thigh shaper may not help you with your belly. As a result, it is important to identify the types of plus size shapewear available for you.

The Types of Plus Size Shapewear

It is likely for you to be overwhelmed or caught up in the many types of shapewear available on the market. It is as though the quality brands available produce new shapewear pieces every single week. Not to worry as we have made the next best solution for you as we have identified a few basic shapewear you need to be aware of and which part of your body it will target.

The Full Body

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Think full body shapewear, a shaper slip that covers everything. Full body shapers comprise of bra straps, which sometimes will allow or include your bra, these shapers come down to the knee. If you are searching for the most coverage, then the full body shaper is a perfect choice. In addition, there are strapless shapewear options with medium to light coverage.

The Camisole or Tank

Perfect when you are wearing that fitted top, many prefer these during the winter seasons. These shaper camisoles or tanks smooth out bra lines and can squeeze the waist and control your tummy sections. Sometimes, these camisoles come with bra cut outs, allowing you to rock your bra together with these tanks. It will endow with a more lift to your girls.

The Shorts or Briefs

Whether boy shorts, bit longer or panties, these transient shapers provide extra support to your tummy and bum. Think of it as a tummy control, smooth line, and no panty lines. It is preferred in the higher waist fashion.

The All in One Girdle Shaper or Shaper Slips

Think of this like the Spanx “higher power” shapers. It is the best girdle for plus size shapers that come up beneath the bust, allowing in the waist, smooth the thigh and stiff up the belly. While there is the typical skirt fashion, with distinct varieties to suit your function, support and the degree of coverage you prefer.

The Snatcher or Waist Cincher

Just as the name suggests, this plus size shapewear garment hits right beneath the bra section and ends at the lower tummy. For some, with a look closer and hook, the best plus size waist cincher can snatch your waist in like no other plus size cincher. You can rock this longer than just a few hours, because of the level of control it gives it does a stunning job. When shopping consider the above tips in this article so as to get the best waist cincher for plus size that will rock your looks.

Selecting the best plus size shapewear garment will allow the best base for each attire in your wardrobe and allow you the chance to improve the way your outfits feel and fit.


Jane Tomkins

I have been interested in health and fitness for many years. I have ran half marathons. I've tried various diets and recently I got more interest in waist training and cinchers after I saw the dramatic results you could get with them almost immediately.