Best Wireless Headphones Under $100

Getting a great pair of wireless headphones need not be too expensive. Sometimes you just have to scrape off the extra fluff in some gadgets to get quality devices under $100. If you’re clear with what you want in a pair of wireless headphones, you’ll find it a lost easier to pick. The important things to consider are: (1) the form factor you want; (2) the audio quality of the device; and (3) the staying power you need to match your needs. You also have to consider if you’re more comfortable with over ear or in-ear headphones. Some prefer one over the other especially considering the activity being done. Even the brand doesn’t tell everything. Just because the brand sounds familiar doesn’t mean it’s the best. There are exceptions to the rule of course. But it’s fair to say that some small brands also pack some really great gadgets as well. So what are the best wireless headphones under $100? Check out the three choices below!

1. Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones Runner Headset

This sharp-looking pair of headphones seems like it was inspired by Bladerunner. The simple black design makes it look attractive and expensive. But guess what? It’s under $100! This Swiss-made device is built with Liquipel Nano Coating so it can repel water and sweat. It has a flexible neckband that can be adjusted to the curve of your neck. The earphones are also curved to fit securely to your ears. The right earphone has built-in controls so you can change songs or adjust the volume while working out. A dedicated multifunction button also allows you to answer or drop calls. On the inside, the device has a battery powerful enough to play music up to 11 hours. It also only takes less than two hours to charge it fully. When it comes to wireless range, this Phaiser device can reach up to 33 feet, far enough for you to work out while leaving your phone in your gym bag. The device comes with adjustable earbuds, a charging cable, and hard case to store it all. It’s pretty nice deal considering it’s price!

2. Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones

This next product comes from German audio artisans, Sennheiser. This name has made it long enough in the music industry to be respected by a lot of professionals and audiophiles. Their RS120 model is a unique piece as it performs its wireless function at a stunning 300 feet. You be at your backyard listening to your favorite music while it being played by your phone in the kitchen! This product favorite operates with a wireless transmitter (not through Bluetooth though which can be a downside) and doubles as a charging dock. It also promises high fidelity audio of which we can believe fully as this is Sennheiser. The device also runs on two AAA batteries (rechargeable). An additional feature of this is that it can be connected to other compatible headphones so you can listen in groups or watch films together in high quality audio.

3. SoundPEATS QY7

This last product is a Shenzen-based superstar riding the waves of online shops. The soundPEATS QY7 is a favorite amongst customers perhaps not only because of its quality but also because of its price. You can actually consider this as the best wireless headphone under 100 in terms of price! The QY7 is definitely designed for activities and working out. Looking at its form factor, it has two ergonomically-shaped earbuds connected by a single cord that can rest at the back of your neck. The right earbud is built-in with remote buttons to adjust the volume or to change tracks. It also has a tiny microphone so you can take calls while sweating it out in the gym. Another great thing about this device is that it can play music up to eight straight hours and full charging only takes two hours!

So who ever said you had to break your piggy bank just to get some sweet buds right? These three products are only some of the many other gadgets under the $100 line. Other brands to consider include Sony, LG, and Jabra. But again, it simply boils down to what features you need and how you’re going to use it. It is not really difficult to make a choice, given the features of each wireless headphones above. So the best wireless headphones for under 100 are the ones that can fit your needs! The choice is really yours.



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