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Go on…Share a bit of link love!

Recently, I’ve been the victim of a bit of link-loving. Well actually, victim is completely the wrong word, because the benefits of being linked too are far from horrible. At the beginning of this week, my aim was to write a quality post for Darren Rowse as part of his Blogging Group Writing Project. I […]

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The stresses of maintaining a blog

Recently, I have noticed how much pressure I have put on myself to write consistently (summarised by my last post). This increased stress has led me to doubt my blogging abilities and whether I should really continue with blogging. I asked a few people about this, including some people on, who asked me the […]

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Different ways to blog: Vlogging

In my last post on alternative forms of blogging, I talked about how Podcasting has become a mainstream and increasingly popular way of sharing your ideas, and broadcasting interviews on your website. Today, I would like to focus on a novel concept of blogging, and a form which I think hasn’t been explored much by […]

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Blogging Tools Week: Ping-O-Matic

Blog pinging becomes important when you’ve just written a post, or have made changes to your template design, or have added any new features on your site. I always go to sites such as or as they seem to be the most highly ranked on Google. However you may be thinking what is […]

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