11 Free Blog Name Generators Reviewed

Blog Name Creators

The most critical element in your overall online identity is your domain name.

It will not only make up the permanent internet address visitors will use to find your website/blog, but it is also part of your brand.

The domain name you choose should have a connection to the theme or flavor of your website, and it should also be catchy enough not to be misspelled while still being easy to remember.

It has to be as unique as your fingerprints to stand out from the crowd.

However, how exactly do you come up with the perfect domain name?

If you are struggling with this task, there are free tools available that are designed specifically for this part of the job.

These tools are known as domain name generators.  They allow you to enter a set of words you are using related to your website’s theme. They will analyze the keywords you enter, and return domain name ideas to consider using.

Name Generator Comparison Table

GeneratorOne-Step SearchSocial Media SearchChecks Domain AvailabilityLinks to RegistrarComments
Lean Domain SearchYesYesYesYesQuickly shows many suggestions containing your keywords
PanabeeYesYesYesYesIncludes mix syllables, append & prepend variations
DomainrYesNoYesYesExplores entire domain name space beyond .com, .net, .org
NameMeshYesNoYesYesFilters results in categories. Eg. short, fun, similar, SEO
DomainsBotYesNoYesYesSynonym + add prefix/suffix chart assistance
WordoidNoNoYesYesMakes up creative and catchy words for use
NameStationYesNoYesYesHas name contests + more
Cool Name IdeasYesYesYesYesGenerates blog names based on keywords and chosen blog topic
NameBounceYesNoYesYesReplaces and appends words to your search keywords; multiple filtering options
Dot-O-MatorNoNoYesYesCombines lists of words to make domains

Top 10 Blog Name Generators

Here’s a quick look at the best ten random blog name generator programs available.

Lean Domain Search

LeanDomainSearch is a straightforward tool to use. All you do is enter the word or words you want in your domain name in the search window and let the blog title generator do the rest.

For example, feeding the word ‘ninja’ into the search window produced a total of roughly 2,200 available domains.  If you click on an available name, you can also check to see if the corresponding Twitter handle is in use.


Blog name generator

There is not a lot that you cannot do when you use this blog name creator.

All you have to do is “describe your idea in (ideally) two words,” and the results are astounding.

In addition to identifying domain names, and noting which ones are already registered, Panabee will provide a quick availability check for any of the names you pick on the popular social media platforms.

The main web page explains that you can essentially create a brand for any business or company by using this simple tool. It even offers a series of suggestions based on your two-word entry plus a ton of similar word suggestions to keep you from returning to the drawing board to start over.

When you decide on a name to use, click on it and you will be directed to a popular domain registration company to purchase the domain. Panabee is simple, clever, and useful.


This one-step search program is promoted with the line, “find the perfect name, fast,” and they are not kidding. Just enter your theme words in the search window, and in a blink of an eye, this domain name search tool will display a list of options.

However, the options listed are only related to the different TLDs available. For example, entering ‘freelance ninja’ resulted in 15 options generated from only those two words. There are no other suggestions offered.

Domainr does show you which of these choices are available to register, and if you click on a name you like that is unregistered, Domainr will show you 17 different registrar links. In the case of an already taken domain, clicking on it shows the Whois information and an option to make an offer on that domain name.

These specific options make this name generator an excellent choice to use if you are serious about pinning down a brand as soon as you can and need to register several domains to protect it.

Name Mesh

This domain name generator is another one-step search window tool, but with some interesting differences. The results that come from a two-word search fall under the categories of common (.com, .net, etc.), new (.xyz, .club, etc.), short (chopped domain suggestions), fun (really hip, shortened and twisted options), mix (more mixes), SEO and similar (many different suggestions based on the original search terms).

What sets this program apart from others is that it allows you to filter the length of the domain and specific extensions to exclude. The registrar option includes a drop-down menu so you can choose your preferred registrar from a choice of 13 registrars.

In all, a great tool with great options not available from some of the more popular name generators.


Just by typing in your domain or keyword, this search tool will provide you with a full list of options based on your search terms. It also has filters so you can drop specific TLDs, tells you which domains are available, and has one important difference.  DomainsBot has a series of fields where you can enter synonyms, prefixes, and suffixes to aid in creating the perfect domain name.

When you finally make a choice, clicking on the ‘buy’ button gives you an extensive list of different registrars and the registration price for that specific domain name with each registrar.

This blog name generator may be simple, but it has a couple of really nifty features that make creating your new online identity fun and interesting at the same time.


This domain name creator is a lot more complicated in looks than anything we have reviewed to this point. The reason for that is that Wordoid is a full scale “made up word generator,” which uses your responses to a series of filters to come up with results that should satisfy your needs.

The filters fall under the following categories: language, quality, pattern, and length. You can also ask it to show you which of the words it creates are available as domain names. Entering the word ‘ninja’ brought back made up word results, including “ninjaro” and “uninja,” which are unique spins on the original search entry but make for interesting options.

Once you find the “wordoid” you like, you can click to register it with a direct link to a popular domain registering service. If you are stuck with creating a unique domain name, this word creation tool will be helpful to get you thinking outside of the box.


There is virtually nothing this website name generator free to use online tool cannot do. In addition to offering an instant availability check, this tool will recommend search techniques, provide keyword suggestions, combine and blend from 200 niche word lists, and create custom word lists.

However, that’s not all. It will browse over 600,000 handpicked names, generate alternative names, source dictionaries, and other reference tools to give you even more choices. Plus, it will match your selection against 407 different TLDs to see which ones are not registered so you can follow up on that step.

To access all of these lists, you are required to sign up to use the program, but that is free and a single step. For a massive list of possible domain or brand names created from your entry, this is about as thorough a tool as you can get.

Cool Name Ideas

This basic name generator operates based on two pieces of information that you provide. First, it asks for words that describe your blog and then for the actual topic of your blog. Advanced options allow you to add a keyword to the beginning, middle or end of the resulting names as well as the length of the domain name.

The list it generates is slow in that it keeps working as it begins to reveal options, but it does come up with a considerable number of options. By entering ‘cooking’ as the word that describes the business, it fed us a total of 1,156 choices.

Although it is a simple generator, the volume and variety of the options it generates make this a great source of ideas.


NameBounce has a simple search interface, but it provides many more options than you would expect. The home page asks you to enter between one and three separate keywords to complete a search.

This tool is unique from the others due to having multiple filtering options, the clean results page, and the option to search domain extensions other than .com, such as .org and .co.uk.

NameBounce is easy to use and is an excellent source of name ideas.


Another basic name generator that still comes up with some interesting results. You enter words for the beginning of your domain and another list of words for the end of your domain name and then click ‘combine.’ The results are a series of possible domain names generated from your lists.

If the domain is available, click on it, and you can select a popular registrar to register the domain. If it is already registered, Dot-O-Mator provides a link to the website.

Dot-O-Mator isn’t fancy, but it still takes only seconds to come up with options that could take a lot longer to find yourself.

Final Thoughts on Blog Name Creator Tools

These tools are free, and for the most part, they are designed to give you a creative kick start in case you just cannot come up with the right name for your blog or website. They all work well and in different ways to generate names for your blog. However, some of these online tools have a lot more options than others, making them better for some jobs or too complicated for others. It depends on how creative you are.

A domain name creator will only serve to give you ideas. Only you will know the perfect name when you find it, and sometimes it takes using a blog name generator such as those reviewed above to uncover the exact fit for your blog project.