Bloghands Review: Blog Writing and Promotion Done for You!

It’s no secret that in order to have a successful blog these days, you need high quality content, and lots of it. Unfortunately, that can be a lot tougher than it sounds for both new and experienced bloggers.

It’s easy to suffer from “blogger burnout”, regardless of whether you’re a veteran or not, especially if you are a one-man-show writing everything yourself. It’s very typical for a blogger to come out of the gate swinging, driven by the excitement of a new project, only to hit a wall once the initial adrenaline rush subsides and content creation starts to become an unwelcomed grind on top of all the other tasks required to run a successful blog in 2013 (it’s a lot of work to promote those blog posts afterward too!).

When a blog owner neglects his site for too long, the effects of a major decrease in content, especially if it was consistent beforehand, can be devastating to the blogger’s overall business. Readers will stop coming, Google will stop ranking, and the blog will eventually wither away into the dark corner of the blogosphere.

So, what can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

Well, aside from becoming a content creation machine that never sleeps or has time for anything else in life, what can you to be sure that your blog doesn’t meet the same fate as so many others do?

You can start by getting a helping hand from Bloghands

What Is Bloghands?

Simply put, Bloghands is a blog writing and promotion service that not only takes the weight of consistent content creation off your hands, but also includes SEO social networking, and backlinking to help increase the visibility to each and every post.

A few of the Bloghands Features and Benefits:

• North American Writers
• 100% Unique Content
• You Own 100% of Content
• SEO (including keyword research)
• Blog Post Promotion (social networking, backlinks)
• Satisfaction Guaranteed!

How Does Bloghands Work?

While the basic idea of Bloghands is fairly straightforward, there is much more to their service than initially meets the eye. They have a very detailed blog writing and optimization process that is used to first analyze your blog so that they can construct a unique campaign for you and ensure that you get the most value possible out of their service.

They do this by breaking down the campaign into 3 phases:

1. Construct the Campaign (Q&A, SEO Analysis, Content Review)
2. Content Research and Writing (Keyword Research, Brainstorming, Content Development)
3. Blog Optimization & Promotion (SEO, and Link Building)

You can view more details about their process by viewing this amazing infographic that outlines it all for you.

How Much Does Bloghands Cost?

Bloghands is a monthly service with several pricing packages to choose from, depending on how much content you want written for your blog each month.
All of their writing and promotion is included with the monthly price and their packages start as low as $150 per month and also have a single post package that allows you to try out their services for only $40.

See a full overview of all their plans and prices.

Who Should Use Bloghands?

That’s easy. Anyone looking to take the pressure off of having to produce quality content for his or her blog on a regular basis can benefit from the hands-off approach to content creation and article promotion that BlogHands provides.

The low cost of this service compared to the time it will allow you to spend on other areas of your business is well worth the cost. What’s more is you will the peace of mind knowing that a crucial area of your business is taken care of.

Visit www.bloghands.com


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