Business Must Haves: Procedures in the Workplace

Procedures and policies are the foundations on which the entire system of a business is established. Where policies set guidelines to achieving goals, procedures determine how every activity of the business should be operated. Without standard procedures, a business becomes vulnerable to failure. Your business must have procedures in place to ensure quality performance, which in turn would produce the desired outcome.

For an entrepreneur, the prospect of turning an idea into a business can be intimidating if they don’t have inkling how to operate the business efficiently. To ensure you run your business with an iron fist and don’t lose the control needed to manage your work force, you must document your business procedures. As unerring health safety procedures bring out the best in your employees, here are few guidelines to help you understand why your business needs a workplace safety procedures document.

Safe Workplace Procedures to Minimize Health Risks

Every business should take safety measures to ensure health and security of the workers. Most of the time safe work procedures need to be documented only for the following jobs:

· Heavy manual labor

· Complex tasks that require multiple steps

· Rarely performed duties, where workers need to be reminded of the risk and how to remain safe

· Hazardous tasks

Some jobs don’t need a written safety procedure, the safety rules are conveyed to the employees verbally during training in such cases. Safe job procedures minimize health risks and provide a secure working environment, which is one of the best ways of retaining your employees. Once you assess the tasks that can be risky, you know what actions need to be taken when an employee gets injured, and it will be easier for you to create a safe work procedure.

Hazardous Tasks Are Not the Only Danger to Your Employees

Hazardous duties are not the only thing that can be a risk in the workplace. An abusing employee can create conflicting situations at work and cause trouble among employees. To avoid such scenarios, a business must hair drug test employees. Its accurate result can keep the troublemakers away from your business. Employers mostly conduct this test to:

· Recruit individuals that are not into illegal drugs

· To keep an employee from abusive substances

· Protect business ethics and morale of workforce

· Ensure workers productivity level doesn’t go down

Hair drug test should be conducted before hiring new employees and must be an integral part of safe workplace procedures.

Emotionally Unsafe Workplace

Another red signal to the safety of employees is excessive workload. Over stressed workers cannot give their best to the job. Emotional exhaustion is a big hazard for employees, what’s worse is that most employers fail to acknowledge the problem. Poor relationship with colleagues, lack of work acknowledgement and employer’s unfair practices can lower your motivational level significantly, thus affects the productivity. Creating a motivating and stress free environment should also be included in the safe workplace procedures.

Every business must have these procedures in workplace; physically and emotionally stronger workforce can take your business to unimaginable heights.

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