How Can Parental Control Apps Help Protect Your Child’s Online Safety?

We wouldn’t want to deny the fact that internet has become a necessity for everyone in today’s digital age. Be it a businessman, an employee, or a student – everyone needs the services of the internet in order to conduct the activities of their life. Let’s focus on how internet plays a vital role in children’s life. Undoubtedly, internet is known to be a tremendous resource for children these days. They can get help from the internet within no time and complete their tasks. Whether they’re using Wikipedia to finish their homework, playing online games, watching movies or socializing with their friends on social media, the internet has become an integral part of their lives and is helpful to them in every way.

However, most of the children are not aware of the numerous dangers that are associated with the internet. There are various websites that contain inappropriate content. Such content can mislead children or contaminate their minds. Parents wouldn’t want their kids to visit such websites and view such content. Apart from this, there are a lot of other dangers that lurk over the internet – there’s cyberbullying, cyberpredators, phishing, falling for scams, accidentally downloading malware to the computers, and leakage of private information.

To prevent your children from the online threats and all the dangers associated with the internet, parents can always seek help from the parental control solutions. We might come to believe that most of the parents are unaware of such parental control apps, therefore we would like to throw some light on this subject.

What are parental controls?

Parental controls are software that allows parents to set up some controls on their kid’s internet use. Basically, these tools help parents spy on their children’s online activity. These tools support them in their efforts to keep their children’s internet experience much safer and productive. Furthermore, these tools also prevent children from visiting inappropriate content available on the internet. It is not possible for parents, especially working parents, to always personally keep an eye on their children’s activity or see what they are up to. Therefore, parental controls are helpful in protecting children from the online dangers especially when parents cannot personally monitor their online activity.

So, let’s find out in detail how parental control solutions can help parents in protecting their children’s online safety. We have mentioned some of the ways how parental control apps can be helpful for parents in monitoring their kids’ online safety. Let’s study them briefly.

Block Inappropriate Content

Parental control software can work on any platform. They can be used both on desktop computers or mobile devices. One of the finest benefits of using parental control solutions is that parents can filter and block all the inappropriate content online which they do not want their children to see. Such inappropriate content may include pornography or violence. When such particular content is blocked, children are not able to see view it on the internet. Similarly, unsuitable websites can also be blocked with the parental control apps.

Sets Schedule and Time Limits

With the help of parental control solutions, parents can even set schedules and time limits on how long their children will stay online or how long they will be visiting a particular website. Most of the parental control software offers both scheduling as well as a time limit feature to help parents control not only how long the children are spending on their computer but also when that particular time is being spent in a day. A proper schedule can be set allowing children to spend specific time on using the internet, visiting certain websites, or playing games.

Monitor Complete Online Activity

Parental controls software creates logs of children’s all internet activities. Parents can easily monitor their entire online activity by simply logging into their parental control software account. They can view every site or every web page their children open whether on their computer or mobile phone. Every information is made available for the parents. They can see what websites their children are visiting, whom they’re interacting with on social networking websites, what kind of games they’re playing, what sort of videos they’re watching, etc. Basically, every single online activity is being shown on the parental control apps.

Tracking Location

Location tracking is one of the incredible features of parental control solutions. Such monitoring tools help parents track their children’s locations. They can keep an eye on their whereabouts and can know where they’re going or whom they’re going to meet. The tools keep a constant watch on the children’s moves, giving parents a sigh of relief. In case parents find out that their child is going to a new place, somewhere he or she hasn’t visited earlier and if you feel your child is threatened, you can immediately take an action and stop your child from visiting that location. In today’s time, any misfortunate incident can take place and as a parent, it is your duty to keep your child safe from all the dangers.

While we do highly recommend parents to make use of parental control solutions but at the same time, we also suggest them to have a conversation with their children. You should inform them about the online dangers and how harmful they could be for them. Always tell them whatever bad is happening on the internet or how cyberbullying or other internet crimes are on the verge. This will not only increase their knowledge but also help them make sensible decisions in the future. If they feel they’re being bullied, threatened, or harassed over the internet, they would come to you and discuss the problem. Your children will only come to you once they have established a comfortable relationship with you. They would not hesitate to communicate with you once you have removed the communication gap. Your children should open up with you and discuss their online experience with you. At the end, all of us would want our children to have a safe online experience.

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