CPATrend: An Affiliate Marketing Network Worth Looking At

When it comes to affiliate marketing networks, you have a lot of choices – but if you really want to increase your affiliate revenue, only a few are really worth taking a serious look at.  CPATrend is one of those.  They set themselves apart from the crowd in a few important ways – all designed to help you make the most of your affiliate marketing efforts.


Customer Support

At the heart of what sets CPATrend apart is their focus on customer service.  Obviously the more an affiliate makes, the more an affiliate network makes, but not all affiliate networks seem to be as concerned about your success as your would think.  That’s not the case with CPATrend.  They have an efficient online support ticket system that actually works well, but that’s not all.  They’re also available by phone, email, and you can reach them by any all IM messengers.  Very convenient.

Payout Terms

CPATrend has a generous NET-15 payment term, but they pay their affiliates as soon as possible, not waiting to pay just because the term isn’t up.  For example, users were paid April 1st for March commissions – 14 days early!  They also guarantee on-time payments.  If your payment through PayPal or direct deposit is late for any reason, they’ll compensate you $10 for each day payment is delayed.

Affiliate Managers

While they actively recruit quality experienced affiliates, CPATrend is more than willing to accept and work with qualified newcomers, and the fact that they assign great affiliate managers to all affiliates will make learning or improving your affiliate know-how a breeze.  Their managers use their years of PPC, SEO, banner purchasing, and PPV experience to provide one-on-one help and training to help with whatever kind of marketing you’re doing.


Etc., Etc., Etc.

Of course CPATrend offers banners and creatives for each affiliate offer, but they’re also willing to get any offer on their network that an individual affiliate would like to promote, which is easy to do, as advertisers can add their products to the network at no cost.  They also provide extremely high-paying offers and are able to bump payouts for those affiliates who get several sales or leads per day.  And if all that’s not enough, they offer one of the highest referral rates in the industry, at 5% of the lifetime commissions of your referrals.

All of these features make CPATrend well worth taking a look at.  If you’re interested in monetizing your site or adding another stream of revenue, head over to CPATrend and sign up today.

This is a sponsored post for CPATrend.

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